Enter This Fantastic Log Home To See Its Spacious Bedroom

This amazing vacation cabin is located among the forests and meadows of the Bieszczady Mountains, surrounded by silence and beautiful views, the cabin is a perfect place for year-round relaxation. Time slows down while you are here, with the birds singing louder, and the trees and flowers smelling more beautiful than anywhere else. In the wildest of nature, in the most virgin region of Poland, you will experience true peace and breathe deeply. Every morning is different at this vacation property. When you get up before dawn and with a cup of coffee in your hand, you can welcome the new day at a picturesque, amazingly beautiful sunrise. Start your morning activities with an energizing yoga session combined with outdoor meditation.

During your vacation stay, you might take a trip to the nearby lake and dip in its cool, clear waters or sunbathe on the sandy beach. Spend the afternoon lying down and watching the grass grow, or exploring the surrounding scenic trails, on foot or by bike. exactly how you like it. In the evening, light a fire, unfold the blanket, and admire the beautiful, starry night sky, listening to the crackling of wood. You'll enjoy the quiet, slow-moving life and get to know the luxury of doing nothing, without tight deadlines and traffic jams, but with rattling storks in the neighborhood.

The cabin has 1,930 square feet of space. On the ground floor, there is a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, combined with a dining room, bathroom, exit to the terrace. On the upper floor, there are 3 double bedrooms with a double, double bed, bathroom with washing machine and dryer, and in the attic, there is a spacious bedroom with two double beds.

Facilities on the property include a place for a barbecue and a fire, as well as the necessary accessories, a sheltered, spacious terrace, comfortable garden furniture, comfortable sun loungers, a playground for children, trampoline, outdoor swimming pool (opening in the season 2021), garden surrounded by a fence, and free parking on the property.

This is an excellent vacation property for children of all ages. Young guests will find a large-sized garden that allows them to play freely without the need for constant control by adults. There is a well-equipped playground that will keep children entertained for many hours and diversify their time. Designed for kids of all ages, the trampoline will allow them to use up excess energy and combine activity with fun. For the youngest, the property has prepared two comfortable, fold-out cots inside the house, perfect for a healthy sleep after an eventful day.

For children, the feeding of forest animals (deer, fallow deer), which the vacation property will organize, nearby, 6 miles away from the house, can be a real attraction. The proximity of nature and the opportunity to admire these beautiful stags up close will surely delight the youngest naturalists. Next year, slightly older kids will certainly be happy to go to the swimming pool and indulge in water madness.

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