Peek Inside This Amazingly Beautiful Log Homes In Paradise

Falsztyn is the perfect place to enjoy scenic views perfect for bicycling or hiking to see the blooming meadows in spring and for the snow-covered hills in winter, a vacation spot to truly relax, more than once. During your vacation stay, you'll enjoy the semi-detached house in a remote area, situated in a picturesque area, from which you are close to various attractions of the region. You can get to know this brand new spot in the Pieniny Mountains so much better. Every morning is different in this vacation property. You can get up before dawn and with a cup of coffee in your hand, welcome the new day at a picturesque, amazingly beautiful sunrise. Start your morning activities with an energizing yoga session combined with outdoor meditation.

Take a trip to the nearby lake and dip in its cool, clear waters or sunbathe on the sandy beach. Spend the afternoon lying and staring as the grass grows or discovering the surrounding scenic trails, on foot or by bike, just the way you like it. In the evening, light a fire, unfold the blanket, and admire the beautiful, starry night sky, listening to the crackling of wood. Enjoy the quiet, slow-moving life and get to know the luxury of doing nothing, without tight deadlines and traffic jams, but with rattling storks in the neighborhood.

There are nine twin houses with 525 square feet of space. On the ground floor, there is a common open space, a living room connected with a spacious kitchenette and a dining room with a fireplace, a wood-fired goat, a living room with a comfortable fold-out sofa, a coffee table, a chest of drawers, and a TV (2 additional beds), kitchenette with numerous cabinets, dishwasher, fridge, and built-in washing machine, dining room with a table for 4 people, a bathroom with shower and toilet, and an exit to the terrace to the garden. The second floor has a bedroom with a double bed, a chest of drawers for clothes, hangers, a window to the garden, a bedroom with a double bed, a chest of drawers, and a skylight toilet. The garden area has a terrace with tables, garden furniture, deckchairs, a separate place for a barbecue, bonfire, and a hot tub in 5 houses.

For children, this vacation property is a paradise for children with an unrestricted space of meadows where in summer you can pick flowers and playfully run among butterflies with views of Lake Czorsztyn, and in winter you can joyfully slide down a sled. In Falsztyn, the owners are implementing a playground with a trampoline for children, common to all houses. Even now, children have at their disposal private gardens in each of the houses, where picnics and board games on a blanket and soft grass are a frequently practiced attraction. At Falsztyn, there is the most beautiful bicycle route near the Czorsztyn Lake Vellodunajec, at the points, you can rent bikes and the whole-day trip will satisfy both the elderly and the young. For skiing, where children will improve their skiing skills under the supervision of instructors, we invite you to Czorsztyn Ski, here it is the closest.

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