Dome Away From Home in Pennsylvania, United States

The Dome House is a unique vacation stay located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that can accommodate up to 6 guests with 3 bedrooms, 3 beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire dome home to yourself. You'll love the luxurious and super comfy mattresses and pillows from Nest Bedding, along with the Alexander Signature Series in the king-sized bed, The Alexander Hybrid in the queen bed, and The Love Bed in the double-sized bedroom. It is strongly recommended that guests to the dome home have a car, as the dome is not in a walkable neighborhood; Uber and Lyft are viable options. The dome home vacation rental is close to attractions, dining, shopping, and other neighborhoods.

The dome home has a kitchen where guests can cook their meals complete with a stove, fridge, cooking basics to include pots and pans, salt and pepper and oil, an oven, dishes, and silverware, a microwave, and coffee maker. The kitchen has everything you need to make simple meals during your stay.

When you first lay eyes on the dome home you might think it looks like a spaceship, a yurt or a tent, when in fact it is a Yaca-Dome. This Yaca-Dome, is the original Yaca-Dome, that the owners simply call The Igloo. This vacation rental is one of Pittsburgh's most unique home designs. There were only 26 Yaca-Domes ever built, and this dome home was the first one built, it's also the only Yaca-Dome you will find in this part of the county. The dome home was built in 1969 by Pittsburgh native Joseph Yacoboni, who received a US Patent in 1975 for the dome home construction method. The dome home was designed to withstand earthquakes and 250 mph hurricanes, which is.not something that you normally have to worry about in this part of the country.

If you are expecting luxury or a place where everything is shiny and new, the dome home isn't in an area you want to stay in, and you'll want to consider a different vacation spot. But if you are looking to stay in a unique and sometimes quirky vacation home that is within the city limits but at the same time feels more secluded, the dome home may be perfect for you.

The dome home is not located in a posh neighborhood or a homogeneous cookie-cutter development. The dome home is a very unique vintage vacation property that contains mostly vintage furnishings, the dome home and furnishings do display some age-related wear. The owners have made various updates and improvements over the years that they have had the dome, and plan to continue doing so. Before you book your vacation stay in the dome home you'll want to read the listing and be sure that it is the type of vacation home for you. You'll want to consider the location and the places that you plan to visit while in Pittsburgh to see whether the dome home is located in the area that you need.

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