Check Out This Lake Tiny House in California, United States

You'll fall in love with this charming tiny house on wheels located in Oakhurst, California, United States, just 30 minutes away from the South entrance of Yosemite. The cozy tiny hour retreat can accommodate up to 2 guests with one bedroom and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire tiny house to yourself. The tiny house on wheels is parked next to the owner's small home where the couple lives in the beautiful town of Oakhurst, with their two rescue llamas. When you stay at the tiny house on wheels you'll have the whole tiny house to yourself which features a real bathroom with a flushing toilet, hot shower, and sink along with a downstairs bedroom with a queen-sized bed all in a cozy farmhouse style.

This tiny house design has a lovely handmade quality and is only stocked with the basics, the owners hope you will be able to embrace the simplicity of Oakhurst and small-town living during your vacation stay. This tiny house is meant to be enjoyed as a quiet vacation retreat while you maybe explore Yosemite and Bass Lake. The tiny house is not designed to be a party house, so please respect this quiet, peaceful town.

During your vacation stay, you can feel free to enjoy the views from your little mini-deck. The owners do ask that you would not approach the llamas or wander around the property on the main house side unless they are with you, doing this will keep the llamas happy. The tiny house is beautifully finished inside and out. The exterior is clad in white and there are plenty of windows throughout, perfect for letting in lots of natural light. The tiny house sits on a two-acre property with beautiful views. The tiny house has a first-floor bedroom with no climbing necessary with a queen-sized bed and 100 percent cotton sheets over an organic mattress. There is handcrafted woodwork throughout the tiny home, with a loft that is just for storage. The tiny house has a minimalist but fully functioning kitchen that features a large sink, fridge, and a gas stove.

The tiny house is on the main road, so you will be able to hear cars or neighborhood sounds during busy times of the day. Also, the tiny house is in the mountains, so you will likely see some bugs. The driveway is steep, so you will want to be prepared for that. You shouldn't need a four-wheel-drive or anything, but you are visiting a mountain home. The bathroom in the tiny house isn't visible from the bedroom or the living room but has no door. As mentioned, you will be on the main road so sometimes you can hear some cars.

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