You Will Love This Historic 1 Bedroom Cabin in Colorado, United States

This historic one log cabin is located in Estes Park, Colorado and is sure to provide one of the most comfortable vacations stays you'll find. The one-bedroom log cabin can accommodate up to 4 guests with 3 beds and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire cabin building to yourself. You might relax in the hot tub above downtown while staring into the Rocky Mountain National Park after a long day of hiking. This historic log cabin was built in the late 1800s but modernized for your comfort. The log cabin building is a cozy 540 square feet that provide great views, a full kitchen and bathroom, fireplace, warm and inviting bedroom, and a deck that overlooks Lumpy Ridge.

During your vacation stay, you can walk to downtown and the Stanley Hotel, an 8-minute drive to the park and is the perfect base for up to 4 people for a mountain getaway. The log cabin rests on a hillside above downtown in a small neighborhood with other historic wood cabins. The wood cabin is located in one of the original neighborhoods when people first settled in the Estes Valley. The wood cabin predates most other cabin buildings in the area, but it's been lovingly cared for and is in great shape. You'll love that you can walk to town from the cabin but still, come back home afterward and sit in the hot tub. Afterward, you'll enjoy lounging on the sofa and just relaxing in front of the fireplace.

There are other wood cabins close by, so if you are looking for total seclusion this isn't your best bet, but you'll find that there aren't many vacation rentals out there that offer the great combination of views, a hot tub, outdoor deck, fireplace, full kitchen, and the ability to walk to town. The cabin building offers one-bedroom, plus enough sleeping for two more on two Ikea ottomans that convert into single beds. There is a comfortable mattress that will ensure a good night's sleep after a long day of hiking. The wood cabin is a cozy space with wood-paneled walls throughout, and north-facing windows so you can watch the sunlight Lumpy Ridge as you wake up.

There are a spacious dining room table and a comfy couch to lounge in while you stream your favorite Netflix series on the speedy WiFi. During your vacation stay you can feel free to fire up the fireplace, it is an electric fireplace but offers a great ambiance as the flames flicker on the cozy wood walls. There is an outdoor deck with a grill off the front door that overlooks Lumpy Ridge, a perfect spot for barbecues. The hot tub fits two people comfortably but you could squeeze more in if necessary. The patio has a small fence around it for privacy from the neighbors' wood cabins, but the northern side is open so you can watch the mountains. The wood cabin is surrounded by beautiful mountain views that you can enjoy throughout your stay.

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