Beautifully Crafted Custom Log Homes and Timber Frame Homes

It doesn't get much better than some of these amazing log home designs. You will find log cabin designs in a variety of sizes, and styles, from rustic to luxury log homes and everything in between. Square footage doesn't determine how great a log home will be, because even the smallest of log cabin designs can have a big impact. Each cabin building has a quality that makes it special, whether it be the quaint wood cabin nestled in the forest, to the majestic log home built into the mountain. You'll find log homes with square footages over 4,000 square feet, with stone fireplaces, log beams throughout, and scenic views all around. You will also find small log cabins that have an appeal all of their own. What sort of log cabin is your favorite? There are several benefits to log cabin living, and the following are just some of the reasons people love these builds so much.

With a log cabin building, potential problems are easy to find. Problems such as termite infiltrations are much easier to spot in a cabin building than in traditional home design. Cabin buildings are a versatile type of property. Log cabin designs make the perfect home for full-time living and work just as well as a vacation home. A wood cabin could be the best place to seek some quiet time alone, and a place you can go to enjoy nature or go on a hunting excursion. Log homes are an economical and smart investment. It's no secret that well-maintained log homes are long lasting, and you will even hear stories about log cabins that are hundreds of years old. It's for this reason that log homes don't lose their value, and they can also be handed down through to the younger generations. The best thing about a log cabin is that you will find wood cabins available to suit any budget and need.

Log cabin designs are more energy efficient than traditionally built homes. Log homes have thermal mass to help you stay warmer in the winter months and cooler in the hot summer months. That is thanks to the R-value of wood you will find in a properly built log home. The possibilities of where you could live in a log home design are endless. You can build a cabin building in the woods, mountainside, beside the lake and more. There is something special about log home living, maybe its the thermal mass of the logs that make these homes so comfortable, but a big part of it is their aesthetic appeal. There are more log house designs to choose than ever before. You'll find log home designs in a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs. You'll find rustic log houses, to contemporary log homes and everything in between. One thing that is for sure is that log home living is here to stay.

You will find these log home designs from Paradise Mountain Log and Timber Frame Homes. They are a family owned and operated log house business. They build handcrafted log houses with the highest quality of craftsmanship. They deliver and install log homes throughout the Northwest, and have 25 years of experience in the building industry, with over 20 years of specializing in building log homes and timber frame homes.

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