A Tree Cabin on Walker Pond in Vermont, United States

This treehouse cabin building goes to show that treehouses are no longer just for kids. The cozy treehouse retreat is located in Coventry, Vermont, United States. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire cabin building to yourself. The treehouse is located at the very edge of Walker Pond. During your vacation stay you are free to enjoy the 40 acres of forest/wetland, soak in the custom made cedar hot tub, go canoeing in the canoe, or just enjoy having a private holiday. The treehouse cabin building is located just 5 minutes from downtown Newport and 22 minutes away from Jay Peak Ski Resort.

The Walker Pond treehouse is partially supported by two White Pines that are situated along the shoreline of Walker Pond. The treehouse cabin building has a main level, that consists of a kitchen area, a sitting space, and a bathroom. You'll need to climb the winding tree staircase to the bedroom into the bedroom, which has a cathedral ceiling that has exposed hand-hewn cedar rafters. This bedroom has a queen-sized bed with a memory foam mattress, a reading bench, a wall-mounted LCD television, and a tiny closet. There is plenty of windows throughout the cabin building to let in lots of natural light and some of the best views of the pond and field. You'll enjoy the sunny/breezy afternoons that bring the sparkle of the pond into the treehouse. The treehouse has a unique design and is fully functioning with all the essentials provided to help make your stay comfortable. The treehouse has a private deck that overlooks the pond, mini kitchen, a rustic hot tub, grill, television and more.

During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire treehouse to yourself with access to the land and pond, so you can go on a nature walk or go canoeing. You never know what kinds of animals you might see during your stay, you have the chance to see deer, moose, bear, geese, turkey, heron, ducks, owls, large turtles, otter, frogs, and fish. You'll want to have your camera ready. The treehouse property borders 20 acres of farmland, and you may often see cows grazing. The cows are very peaceful and may greet you if they see that you are offering them grass.

You'll have access to Walker Pond so you may want to bring your kayak, canoe and fishing gear. For your safety, you must wear a life jacket whenever you are out on the water and have a fishing license if you want to fish. The pond inhabits Horned Pout and Perch. Swimming is not permitted in the pond.

During the winter months, it is best to drive with AWD vehicles and with winter tires. The driveway leading up to the treehouse is long and a bit up the hill by the main road. Having winter tires on your vehicle is very helpful when trying to get around in this area, the Northeast Kingdom, especially passing the treehouse driveway. It is much more difficult in winters when the snowfalls are constantly happening and snow accumulates on the driveway which will make driving uneasy.

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