A Tiny House For GIANTS - He Can Even Stand Up In This Loft!

When you think of tiny house designs typically you picture something small, and without a lot of head space, this tiny house might change your mind. If you are looking for a super spacious tiny house design, then this is one you'll want to see. The home is modern, open, off-the-grid, and with two sleeping lofts that most people can stand up in, this tiny house could have been built for giants. Angus initially became interested in moving into a tiny house after he started transporting them around New Zealand for clients. Realizing it would be a perfect fit for him, he set about purchasing his dream tiny house and moving it onto an incredible, elevated section with panoramic views. This is a great design for people who want the benefits of tiny house living, but don't want something cramped.

For starters the first thing you notice is that this off-grid house is in an amazing location, surrounded by nature, and powered by 8 solar panels. The tiny house has an enclosed back patio which serves as a mud room, a large front patio with a covered seating area with a heater, and a shipping container storage shed that holds the solar batteries. Once inside you will see that the dining area has a full-size ceiling which gives the tiny home a spacious look and feel. Two sets of stairs at opposite ends of the dining area lead to the upstairs lofts, one of which is a bedroom, and the other an upstairs lounge. Heated inside by a wood stove, the walls are painted white which also lends to the airy feel of the place.

One smart solution in this tiny house is the dining table which folds from a two-person table to a four-person table, depending on how many people are sitting at the table. The kitchen is spacious with its white kitchen cabinets (plenty of cupboard space), butcher block countertops, a full-size fridge, microwave, and stovetop with an oven underneath. The kitchen also has a countertop with stools underneath which can be used for working or eating when needed. As the house is off the grid the kitchen has a gas hob, and gas oven for cooking.

The tiny house has plenty of windows, perfect for looking out at the incredible natural surroundings which also make the home feel larger than its smaller footprint. The tiny house also has shelving for additional storage, and the kitchen table has storage underneath the table. The stairs have a unique design, so you can get up frontwards, and down frontwards, which isn't always something you can do in a tiny house design due to limited space. The stairs are so much more comfortable than using a ladder which is often the case in small house designs. The upstairs lounge has a comfy corner sofa and television, perfect for lounging after a day of work. You'll want to take a look at the entire video to see all of the details of this amazing tiny house.

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