A Spaceship Style Cottage Makes Great Use of Only 700 Square Feet With A Far Out Design

A home design that's out of this world, The “Spaceship house is a small vacation home that's owned by designer Angelina Rennell’s mother, Cynthia. Located in La Selva Beach, California it was built by a landscape architect named Mary Gordon between 1969 and 1972. Angelina helped her mom renovate and decorate the 700 square foot space keeping it's groovy 70s vibe while updating the look and design of the home. Angelina lives there part-time and also uses it to promote products from her clothing line Beklina. This would be the perfect place for any photo shoot or artistic endeavour. The thick white painted walls create an organic shape that's unlike any home design. One of the windows creates a telescopic extension with a window, which resembles the yellow submarine from the Beatles album. The home is surrounded by handpicked plants creating a gorgeous landscape. Each of the plants was chosen for its colour, and the perfect places were also chosen for each plant. You'll notice that the plants are all fairly exotic which is perfect for this charming home making the entire property feel as though it's something not of this world.

The house is all white on the exterior with plenty of windows creating a welcoming environment. Once inside the home, the curves in the walls continue from the outside in. They went with a concrete floor which keeps the place nice and cool in the hot California weather, but the warm, bright textiles help to warm the home up making it bright and cheery. Apparently, when the home was purchased by Cynthia, the home was falling apart, and all of the windows needed to be replaced and the walls needed restoring. It took them about two years and a lot of work to restore the home to a livable state. On the main floor is an open living space including the kitchen, living room and dining room with a lovely built-in fireplace and curved windows to let the light in. Then there is the loft bedrooms up the spiral staircase that is made from metal and plexiglass to give it an almost floating appearance. There is also a lot of storage built into the space, the bed has some drawers, and the bench in the living room also has some storage within it.

Another staircase leads up to the outdoor living space up on top of the house, a great place for star gazing and enjoying the views. Angelina says that she got a lot of inspiration for the decor of this home from her mother's style. She grew up with her mothers' Vogue magazines and loved to go shopping with her mom and point out all of her favourite things. She's brought in a style all her own into this home and when people come to visit they are transported into another world. Because the home is only 700 square feet, it's considered small by today's standards which makes it a great vacation home for Angelina and her family. Since her mother is getting up in age, she doesn't go out there very often anymore. This is a great testament to the mod style of building and design that was very popular in the 1960s and 70s when all of these new ideas were emerging, and people were expressing themselves through art and architecture. It might be a bit harder to build a new home like this now because it may not meet building codes. So it's great that Angelina and her mother were able to preserve such a beautiful house so that it can be around for years to come.

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