A Quaint Low Impact Eco Home on the Isle of Skye

If you've always wanted to travel to Scotland, you might love staying at this property. The Hen House as it's called, is an award-winning holiday home with great architectural features. It's on the Isle of Skye, which is the northern island of the Inner Hebrides, so it's remote, but it's absolutely gorgeous out there. The cottage would be perfect for a couple, a small family or a group of close friends. The cabin here is the first one to ever get a Saltire Medal from the Saltire Society’s Housing Design Awards in 2010. It's also been featured in the Financial Times, on the show Grand Designs, and on The House that 100k Built, so it's a fairly popular home, to say the least. The home design looks quite dramatic yet simple at the same time. A sleek wooden structure with clean lines against the grassy background. It was designed specifically for the landscape it's built on with many sustainable materials and wood that was locally sourced. The home also uses minimal energy and water as well thanks to the efficient plumbing and electric that were added in. It's on the Minginish Peninsula of the Isle of Skye, in front of Loch Bracadale, with views of the ocean right outside. People staying at the cabin can freely walk around the property enjoying the surroundings and taking it all in. There are simple, easy walks, as well as more challenging, walks too.

The owners of the cabin are also glad to share their tips and ideas for things to do around the area including some secluded beaches. There is also lots of wildlife to see while staying out there which is always interesting to see. The exterior of the home is done in a faded grey wood siding that makes the home look like it's been there for years. But then the modern design and that bright yellow door bring it into the here and now. There are also lots of windows integrated into the design which keep it looking modern and bring the home some great views from inside. Once inside, the interior is nice and open with natural light and lots of wood continuing from the outdoors. They've kept the furniture minimal which keeps with the simple, minimalist design concept. A Morso wood burning stove sits right in the centre of the living room in front of the windows so the guests can sit around the fire will enjoying the views. Comfortable leather furniture can seat five people or more, and they brought in some colour with accents and accessories. The ceilings are also kept nice and high which creates the illusion of more space, which is important in a smaller space like this.

The dining area and kitchen are right behind the living room with a dining table and chairs separating the two. The cabinets in the kitchen are black which creates some great contrast with all of the wood and white in the home. They went with earthy wooden countertops and a farmhouse style sink which fits the style of the home nicely. There is also a beautiful stainless steel oven with built-in cooktop on the counter and a hood fan above. So guests can cook their own meals to their heart's content. Up the small set of stairs is a bedroom with a king sized bed and then downstairs there is another double bed. There is also a bathroom with a tub and shower as well as a sink, but the toilet is separate from them. It's very interesting to see how they used wood panelling throughout the home to sheath the walls instead of drywall. Many home designs are incorporating wood in this way, and it actually looks very stylish when it's done right. People can stay at this lovely cottage for £795 per week.

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