A Modern Home Built From Four Shipping Containers

With the high costs of building a new home, there are several new housing trends that are gaining in popularity. One of those trends is with steel shipping container homes. This is the trend by which repurposed shipping containers look nothing like they did in their previous life. Steel container homes are modern, elegant and spacious. Building your own steel container home can be a fun, DIY project. But now companies like Edmonton's Honomobo are creating shipping container homes built in factory. Once these shipping container homes are built, they are delivered to your building site with 95 percent of the construction already complete. All that's needed once the shipping container home is delivered to your building site is a foundation and services. The benefits of a shipping container home are that they are affordable, sustainable, transportable, tough and they look good too.

These shipping container homes from Honomobo get shipped right to your building site, and the good news is that there are several options available to suit your budget, lifestyle and needs. They have two different series of shipping container homes to include the H Series and the M Series of shipping container homes. The H Series is available in the H03 to the H05 which is defined by the number of shipping containers used in their design from 3 to 5 shipping containers.

The HO4 is made from four forty-foot steel shipping containers. They have two-floor plans that you can choose from to include either a two or a three bedroom shipping container home with an ensuite. Both of their floor plans feature a large living room, a dining room, and a full sized kitchen that is finished out with twenty-nine feet of floor to ceiling glass. The four shipping containers are placed together to create a beautiful living space with 1,224 square feet of space. The H04 is very spacious and an efficient single level home design. Included in the H04 is a highly efficient air source heat pump that is used for heating and cooling. The dimensions are 32 feet wide by 40 feet deep. All Honomobo shipping container homes are Solar Photovoltaic ready.

When steel shipping containers were created, they were designed with modularity in mind. Steel shipping containers were required to withstand all sorts of abuse as they journey through some of the world’s harshest climates. Shipping containers may have been exposed to salt water to freezing temperatures, and are meant to handle the worst weather conditions as they ship their precious cargo. Shipping containers are comprised of corten steel, which helps to protect them from any corrosion or rust, and when the shipping containers fall off the ship, they can take up to a week to sink. With more steel containers being imported than exported, these steel containers are an opportunity to reuse something that is so abundant.

A prefabricated steel container home makes the construction process a lot easier and more efficient than ever before. Instead of spending months building a home, you can take weeks to do the same. Imagine shipping containers as building blocks, and you will see the building possibilities, freedom and opportunities. Place a steel container in your backyard, and then ten years later you can move it somewhere new. When it comes to building construction methods and building materials, there are few alternatives that are quite as durable, portable and sustainable as a steel shipping container.

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