A Fantastic Log Cabin With Incredible Interior

You'll want to take a look inside of the camp Kamchatka, located by a picturesque taiga, on the bank of the Kamchatka River, between the settlements of Atlasovo and Taezhny. The distance from the airport is 378 kilometers. The nearest settlement is 30 kilometers away. The log cabin offers rest in a cozy house located on the bank of the river, where you can enjoy fishing, hunting, and helicopter excursions. Group tours lasting 7 days/6 nights are offered. All tours offer an all-inclusive program where you are met at the airport, transferred from the airport to the campsite Kamchatka" and back, with three meals a day from the chef, fishing from dawn to dusk on comfortable boats with a personal huntsman guide.

The log cabin has a great front-covered entrance that uses two trees as posts on either side for a unique look. Once inside the cabin, you are met with light-colored wood throughout with a fireplace and log style furniture to include a large dining table with benches that is the focus of the open floor plan. There is also a sauna in the log cabin to enjoy during your vacation stay. The sauna is beautifully finished and located just off the main area of the cabin.

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