Do Not Miss The Interior Of This Charming Log Cabin

It doesn't get much better than the Saarelux Riverise Villa a vacation home located in Moraste, Estonia. This beautiful log cabin offers a private beach area, the Saare Villa is located in a quiet and green area of Moraste. It offers accommodation in wooden houses directly by a river. The log cabin accommodation will provide you with a flat-screen TV and a terrace. There is a full kitchenette with an oven and a refrigerator in each. The private bathroom also comes with free toiletries.

You can enjoy a river view and a garden view from the rooms. At Saare Villa, you will find a sauna, a garden, and a terrace. An array of activities can be enjoyed on-site or in the surroundings, including fishing. The vacation property offers free parking. There are several benefits of staying in a log cabin with health benefits among them. The following are just some of the reasons log cabins are so great.

Log cabins promote an active lifestyle. More often than not, log cabins are located in nature, whether it’s in the woods, by a lake, or in the mountains. As a result, staying in a log cabin encourages you to be more active because of the abundance of outdoor activities available. Rather than staying inside and watching TV, people staying in log cabins are more likely to get outside and be active while enjoying the beauty of nature. No matter who you are, it’s safe to say that log cabin living can have a positive impact on your health in some way. Whether physical, mental, or both, the health benefits of living and staying in a log cabin are apparent.

Eco-friendly. It’s not surprising that log cabin buildings are very eco-friendly. Unlike structures made of brick or stone, log cabin buildings are renewable and have less of an impact on the surrounding environment. In general, people who live and stay in eco-friendly environments are happier than people who do not.

Natural insulation. The natural insulating properties of logs keep the temperature inside a log cabin at a comfortable level. No matter the temperature outside, logs have an amazing ability to store heat and keep the internal temperature of the cabin consistent. Because there’s little heat loss, the temperature inside a log cabin remains stable which, in return, stabilizes the body temperature of the humans living inside. Having a more stable body temperature is thought to have a positive effect on one’s overall health and well-being. What’s more, wood’s natural insulating properties make log cabins very energy efficient.

Improved indoor air quality. Wood has many air purifying qualities. The logs that cabins are made of store carbons and control humidity, resulting in better air circulation inside the log cabin. Additionally, this reduces the need for air filters, dehumidifiers, or purifiers. A log cabin’s solid wood walls trap and release moisture in a regulatory manner, which makes the indoor air healthier for humans to breathe. As a result, living or staying in a log cabin is thought to help improve one’s respiratory health and reduce allergies.

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