A Beautiful Weekend Haven for a Big Family

The Cloudcroft is a lovely log home designed and built by Summit Log and Timber Homes. The homeowners sought out the company to build them a log home that would be large enough for their entire family to enjoy together. Where everyone could meet up in the summer or any time of year to get away from the city and enjoy each other's company. So they found a piece of land that was just far enough away from the city and designed the perfect getaway. The log home is located in New Mexico built on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by nature and calm. It's a handcrafted cabin made using full-scribe logs and the traditional log cabin building methods. The home ended up being 3,951 square feet which means there's plenty of space for everyone to spread out without getting too cramped. The estimated turn-key cost of the finished project built by Summit Log and Timber Homes is about $987,750.00 to $1,185,300.00 which doesn't include the property, site improvements, the basement, or the garage. With the gorgeous Western Red Cedar logs and wall diameters of about 16 inches on average, this log house was built to last for years and years of use. It would be the perfect cabin to pass onto the kids in the family so that it could live on in the family.

The couple visited a Summit Log and Timber Homes log home in the same area they were planning to build, and they absolutely loved the floor plan so much that they decided to create their floor plan based off of that one. Their log home ended up with four bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as a garage with a large room for games. The walls are finished using a Venetian finish for a more contemporary look than log walls. They also added granite counters and slate floors which complement the other finishes perfectly. The couple also requested that the log home have plenty of natural light in it. So they installed plenty of windows throughout the home to bring in the light and to show off the beautiful surrounding views. It truly makes you feel like you're outdoors when standing inside the cabin with all of the windows. The floor plan is centred around the living room on the main floor which was perfectly placed to look out over the meadows outside.

The dining room is connected to the living room area to create a continuous flow throughout the home, and the kitchen is nearby as well. For an artistic touch, they found an artist who took aspen leaves and trunks and made them into acrylic panels with LED lighting around the edges for a really magical effect. These panels also act to divide the kitchen from the dining room as well, so it's very functional art. If the views weren't great enough already, on the upper floor are the two bedrooms with balconies for even greater views of the property and area. On the third floor, there is a 192 square foot room with 360-degree views of the area. This is the perfect room for gathering, reading or stargazing at night. Outside the home has a stone patio with seating and a fire pit as well as a soothing waterfall. The couple says that the home and property still gives them new things to admire and notice about it. This is such a stunning log home that would be inspirational to anyone who is considering building a log home, and even if you're not, this home is still incredible to have a look at.

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