20 Ft Tiny House Built Using High End Materials Priced Below $70k

You'll want to take a look at this newly finished tiny house for sale with plenty of amazing features. The 18-foot tiny house sits on a trailer and boasts a beautiful loft bedroom, a custom-built kitchen with a deep stainless steel sink, and drawers throughout. The bathroom has a composting toilet and shower/tub. Everything in the tiny house design was completed with high-end building materials such as tempered Pella Windows, white cedar siding, a Velux skylight, custom-built solid oak doors, 26 ga corrugated metal roofing, and wood flooring. This tiny house is ready for someone to make it their home. You'll want to take a closer look at this charming tiny house design you are sure to be inspired by.

The tiny house has a kitchen with a built-in 75-gallon water tank and water pump for off-grid use (hookups for on-grid use included), a deep stainless steel kitchen sink, kitchen hardware from Pottery Barn, custom-built kitchen cabinets, soft close drawers throughout, a kitchen exhaust fan, and energy-efficient Refrigerator and freezer. The bedroom is a spacious loft with a queen size bed, a vented Velux skylight with a solar-powered blackout shade controlled by a remote, an adjustable loft ladder for easy access, and an awning-style window for ventilation. The bathroom has an exhaust fan, Nature's Head composting toilet, a large tub/shower, a frosted glass window for privacy and ventilation (awning style opening, and a medicine cabinet.

The exterior has black double pane Pella Impervia windows with tempered glass throughout for road use (bathroom window is frosted for privacy), the roof is finished with a 26ga corrugated roofing from Union Corrugating Company, the exterior is completed with White Cedar siding, vented Velux Skylight with a solar-powered blackout shade, skeleton key and lock set for both exterior doors, and covered front porch for easy access during inclement weather.

The tiny house design has wood flooring throughout, built-in shelving units, a built-in wardrobe for hanging clothes, a beautiful cedar ceiling, and loft, a fan with light and adjustable speeds/directions, dimmable interior lighting throughout, a propane water heater from Precision Temp, silent electric heater from E-Heat, window unit AC (included), built on a custom tiny house trailer from Tiny House Builders. Dimensions for the tiny house are 8.5 feet wide by 20 feet long by 14 feet high. Extras in this stunning tiny house are a couch and chair, a floating deck on concrete blocks, a hot plate, a refrigerator, and front steps.

Tiny house living is more popular than ever and it's easy to see why as it saves money in many different ways. You don't spend as much on heating, cooling, property taxes, or home maintenance. You save money on groceries (since you have a smaller pantry and refrigerator), and you reduce shopping as you have less space to fill. Another benefit is that you'll spend less time cleaning. Cleaning two or three small rooms takes far less time than cleaning seven or eight large ones. Cleaning also goes faster because you don't have knickknacks and clutter to pick up or clean around.

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