A Must-See Floating Tiny House in Seattle

You'll want to take a look inside this amazing floating tiny house located in Seattle, Washington. The home is everything you'd dream a floating home might be. The home is larger than you would expect a floating home to be with a large living room with plenty of windows to let in the natural light, and views of the marina, along with a patio accessible through the sliding doors. The full-size kitchen is part of the open main floor plan and has a dining area off to the side with seating for six, perfect for entertaining. The views from all the windows and the patio are amazing, with a bridge, and the marina including other floating homes. The kitchen with its wooden cabinets has everything you would expect in a full-sized kitchen with a bar countertop with seating for 3, plenty of storage, microwave, dishwasher, oven/stove, and full-size fridge. The floating home has 2 full-size bathrooms, one with a shower, and the other with a bathtub. There are two bedrooms, and a rooftop patio with seating for four.

With the popularity of tiny homes more and more people are looking at alternative living conditions, including buying a floating home. When it comes to floating homes you'll want to remember, that a floating home is not necessarily a houseboat, even though these terms may be used interchangeably and are often confused with each other. A floating home doesn't need to be sea-ready, but it is just what its name suggests, a home that floats mainly on a dock. The definition of a floating home is permanently moored and cannot move under its power, unlike a houseboat. If you’ve been considering making the move to a floating home you'll want to consider if this style of home is right for you. The following are a few of the benefits of living in a floating home.

One benefit to buying a floating home is that, unlike houseboats, tiny homes don’t need a motor or method of self-propulsion. You can build the homes upwards or outwards without affecting the cruising ability since all it needs to do is float. You can also save on locomotion costs like gasoline because you are not powering around the lake, marina, ocean, or sea. Joining a floating home community can be an enjoyable experience, because not only do the neighbors tend to know each other better being so small and in such proximity but there’s also a general feeling that they need to take care of each other and their neighbors’ property when not at their floating home.

Floating homes are great for nature lovers too, as you can enjoy gorgeous sunrise and sunset views out on the water, or spend time watching local animal wildlife right from the comfort of your front porch, or boat deck. Sure, you may be able to buy a standard home that comes with a pool, but with a floating home, you have the luxury of jumping into the water any time you feel like it, making cooling off in the summertime an easy undertaking.

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