You Will Love The Interior Of This Stylish Log Cabin

You'll fall in love with the Forest Cordon, an amazing log cabin that is located in a beautiful pine-birch forest which is quite close to the city. The log cabin building is just 18 kilometers from Nizhny Novgorod Arzamas highway, and 10 minutes from the Gap. It is also in a convenient and quick location to get from Top Pecher about 20 to 30 minutes. The atmosphere of a real log cabin holiday with all the Russian amusements and comfortable conditions for living. Forest Kordon is a unique place, perfect for first-time visitors to the area of Nizhny Novgorod tourism and recreation. The complex is full of stylized, cozy wooden log cottages that are equipped with all modern amenities. The complex is cozy with a beautiful view from the windows of each cottage, with an ice rink, lanterns in the style of Saint-Petersburg, and thoughtful landscaping.

There’s something special about a wisp of smoke spiraling from the chimney of a log cabin surrounded by forest. Not only are the views amazing, but you are also in the perfect place to pause, relax and get in touch with nature. The benefits of staying in a log cabin go beyond great views. It’s also a great way to lessen your environmental impact. From the log house construction to how it stores and uses energy, a log cabin building is ecologically friendly in more ways than one. The following are a couple of reasons it’s good to vacation in a log cabin.

Less Energy to Build. The building materials used in the construction of a log cabin are environmentally and ecologically friendly. It takes less energy in building a log cabin than standard housing. The energy production required to harvest wood is less than what is necessary for the manufacturing of other types of building materials. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced with the construction of a log cabin, as nearly 10 percent of global CO2 emissions are a result of the production of concrete. It’s said that when a ton of concrete is produced, a ton of CO2 is produced.

Reclaimed Building Material Practices. In an effort to improve eco-building practices, many log house building contractors and companies look at ways to use recycled wood and quality pieces of dismantled older structures. When these building materials are reclaimed, not only is it less wasteful, but the story of the log cabin building becomes a lot more interesting.

Consideration of Surrounding Nature. Log cabin buildings are often built with surrounding nature in mind, situated with great views and consideration for the preservation of the local habitat and environment. Typically great old oak trees and solitary streams are left in place to be enjoyed by the log house owner and surrounding environment. Trees that are removed from a building site are often used to construct other parts of the log house or furniture for the cabin. The construction of a log cabin has a lower environmental impact this way and takes surrounding nature into consideration.

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