Discover the Ultimate Cozy Cabin Retreat Perfect for Families

Take a closer look at the Greenwood Tree log cabin located in beautiful Upper Canyon, in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Just one of the Forest Home Cabins for an incomparable mountain vacation experience near the Ruidoso River while close to mid-town shopping, several golf courses, and many area attractions. During your log cabin vacation stay you'll stay cozy and comfortable at the same time. This is the perfect log cabin for a small family or couples wanting two beds. The Greenwood Tree cabin has one bedroom with 2 queen size beds, a kitchen, wood wood-burning fireplace, a bathroom, wifi, and front and back porches. Some of the benefits of a log house construction include structural integrity, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, natural insulation, low maintenance, and excellent resale value.

Environmentally friendly. There is much less use of prefabricated building materials in log house construction as compared to conventional homes. These days ecological concerns are high. Because of this, the trend was to move away from wood as a building material to prevent deforestation and manage greenhouse gasses. But, a closer look at the reasons for this thinking can prove slightly off track. Wood has several advantages that help both the builder and the environment. One of the biggest challenges of many building materials, including concrete, metal, and plastics, is that they take an impossibly long time to decompose when they are discarded. When exposed to natural climate conditions, wood will quickly break down and replenish the soil. On the flip side, understanding the role of moisture and wood rot means that in optimum conditions, a building or floor's lifespan can easily outlive a tree's lifespan.

Natural insulation. Air cells in the wood fiber provide one of the best forms of insulation from either heat or cold. Log homes are very cool in summer and very warm in winter. Wood has a higher insulation rating because of its natural cellular structure than steel and plastic. This means that homes and buildings require less energy to maintain heating and cooling. Plus, wood can help regulate humidity levels to a small degree. The natural insulating properties of wood and logs keep the temperature inside a log cabin at a pleasing level. No matter the outside temperature, wood can store heat and keep the internal temperature consistent. Because there’s little heat loss, the temperature inside a wood cabin remains stable, which, in return, stabilizes the body temperature of the humans living inside.

Low maintenance. A log home built with treated logs will offer you weather-proofing unmatched by any other natural building material. Log homes retain their beauty through all seasons, which leaves you lots of time to enjoy living in your living log home. Structural integrity. To this day you will see old log cabin homesteads still standing intact in the wilderness. Aesthetically pleasing. A log house construction is nature at its best. You’ll feel at peace with nature in your living home. With the wide variety of tree species available, wood can suit many aesthetics. Different species of trees can also provide varied mechanical, acoustic, and thermal properties.

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