Unusual Treehouse Perched in the Middle of the Forest in France

This unique treehouse vacation rental is sure to make you feel like a kid again with its cozy, and playful design. The treehouse is located in Haulme, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine, France. The cozy treehouse design is located in a picturesque village in the heart of the Semoy Valley. This location is a great place for biking, hiking, and canoeing, with everything you need. Everything is at the foot of the hut that accommodates up to 4 guests with 2 bedrooms, 2 beds, and a half-bath. The adorable treehouse is the perfect vacation idea to relax, in a quiet cabin building in nature, perfect for a couple or a family.

The tiny cabin building has a hanging terrace, a woodstove, sheets, and duvet available, breakfast, and water reserve. The tiny cabin building has an outhouse, an outdoor table, and a barbecue area. A boat is available, and the owners offer cold cuts and barbecue baskets on request, Ardwen local craft beer, Chablis white wine and more. Cabane et Vallee's place is located in Haulme, France, a picturesque village with its fountain, church and scenic views in the heart of the Semoy Valley. You can drive, or even bike on-site or to the town hall is a 6 minutes walk from the cabin building. This is a vacation idea that you won't soon forget.

This tiny treehouse is the perfect vacation idea and makes excellent use of the small amount of space that it has. You don't feel crowded once you are inside due to the windows that let in the natural light, and all the wood used throughout. The treehouse isn't too far off the ground so it's easy for both kids and adults alike to use the stairs. The treehouse space makes a lovely vacation retreat or makes an excellent place to get away and enjoy France. So if staying in a treehouse is on your list of things that you want to do, this would be a great opportunity. Plus you would be in France which is a very desirable place to travel. It's a lovely area in France with beautiful natural views, it's not as touristy as some places, so you can enjoy an unplugged vacation. Staying in a beautiful treehouse like this cabin building would give you the chance to be immersed in nature which will provide a sense of connection and relaxation. Perfect for the most rejuvenating retreat.

This tiny treehouse retreat might inspire you for a treehouse design of your own. A tiny cabin building such as this treehouse is an affordable option when it comes to building wood cabins on your own. This particular cabin building is a nice size and makes the perfect retreat in nature. The treehouse is built onto a wooden foundation that sits above the ground and looks as though it had an experienced builder help with the work. A treehouse design is a great retreat especially when it is surrounded by trees. This simple design has a nice shape, with a cedar shake pointed roof, and wooden siding.

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