Unbelievable 32-Acre Luxury Estate with Hidden Gems You Won't Want to Miss!

You'll love this stunning log cabin in Fountain Lake, Arkansas. The private, gated 32-plus acre estate has no expense spared. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,450-square-foot luxury, custom hand-hewn log home has a copper roof. The log cabin building has Pella windows, a fireplace with an exterior loader, a generator, and indoor gas grill. The log cabin has a two-detached car garage, a custom 50-foot by 50-foot barn with an RV hookup that fits a 40-foot motor home, areas to store tractors and other vehicles downstairs, and a generator. The log house has an elevator/stairs that lead to 1700 plus square feet and a beautiful 1bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. The log cabin property has two pole barns, storm shelters, a coffee roaster, a chicken coop, a cold-smoked smokehouse, and much more. This log cabin for sale won't last long. This Fountain Lake log cabin may have you dreaming of a log house of your own, and it's easy to see why with some of the following log cabin benefits.

Surrounded by nature. Many people choose to purchase or build a log house that is close to their heart and leaves less of a carbon footprint. Imagine yourself waking up each morning to the sound of birds humming in the trees, with views of the mountains as the sun rises, and in the evenings enjoying the night skies lit up by hundreds of stars. Living surrounded by nature is a great way to disconnect from the stresses of your busy everyday life.

Solar altitude. Regarding log house construction, the solar length is the sun's angle relative to the earth's horizon. In the winter, the sun is much lower to the ground than in the summer. Understanding solar altitude will help you determine if your log house should be built with covered porches or eyebrows to block the summer sun from warming the logs too much in the summer. Log cabin lifestyle. Log homes allow you to do some of the things you love. Other types of housing just are designed around something other than your activities and leisure time the way a log house construction is, even if it's your primary residence. At a log home, people often feel like they are on vacation. Maybe it's the wood or all that fresh air.

Thermal mass. Thermal mass is a property of logs that allows them to store heat, which for any log homeowner is a good thing. Thermal mass is storing heat from the day's sunlight in the winter and releasing it back into the log house at night or storing cold air from a summer night and releasing it back into the place during the day. Since wood has a high heat capacity compared to other building materials, it greatly helps to regulate the temperature in a log home. In the daytime heat, the wall absorbs heat from the outside, but the wall's temperature rises slowly. As a result, the log wall stores the heat during the day but does not release as much heat into the home.

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