Two-Story Shipping Container Home for Family Living

This two-story shipping container home is just one example of the amazing home designs that can be accomplished by recycling used building materials. Shipping containers are a great way to get the tiny home that you've been considering, and the good news is that you are recycling and repurposing, so it's good for the environment. This two-story shipping container home uses two steel containers so it's got enough space to comfortably house a young family. The second floor has an outdoor patio perfect for enjoying your morning cup of coffee and enjoying the stars at night. The tiny home design has a wood exterior on the second floor and just paints the first floor of the exterior a nice grey for a modern look. The lower level has a nice outdoor deck that is the perfect spot for a couple of rocking chairs and helps to extend the inside space outdoors. You'll also notice that besides the outdoor deck there is an outdoor shower, great especially if you are located close to the beach.

When steel containers were created, the containers were designed with modularity in mind. Steel containers were required to withstand all sorts of weather and abuse as they journey through some of the world’s most harsh climates. Steel shipping containers may have been exposed to freezing temperatures and saltwater, and are meant to handle the worst sort of weather conditions as they ship their cargo around the world. Steel shipping containers are comprised of corten steel, which is a material that helps to protect them from any corrosion or rust, and when the steel containers fall off ships, they can take up to a week to sink. With more steel shipping containers being imported than exported, these shipping containers are an opportunity to reuse something so abundant.

A steel shipping container home makes the construction process a lot easier and more efficient than ever before. Instead of spending months building a tiny home design, you can take weeks to do the same. Imagine steel containers as building blocks, and you will see the building possibilities, opportunities, and freedom. Place a shipping container in your backyard, and then ten years later you can move it to a new location. When it comes to home construction methods and building materials, few alternatives are quite as portable, durable, and sustainable as a steel container.

The options to using steel shipping containers are limitless, from tiny house designs to off -rid home ideas and so much more. The other great thing about creating a tiny house plan using steel shipping containers is that the shipping containers are recycled which makes them both environmentally conscious and sustainable housing options to use. A tiny house design that uses shipping containers makes for a unique building material that starts with the shipping of all sorts of goods and items all across the world, and once the steel shipping containers have been retired, they can then be recycled and repurposed and put to good use. You will find a variety of steel shipping containers that are available across the world.

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