Two Brothers Build Amazing Log Cabin Off Grid From Scratch

If you've ever wondered about all the work that goes into building a log cabin and whether or not it is something you might want to do yourself, you'll want to watch this video that shows two brothers building an off-grid log cabin from scratch. Building a log cabin in the forest is an impressive feat that requires a great deal of skill and hard work. From carefully selecting the ideal location to laying the foundation and constructing the walls, the creators' attention to detail is truly remarkable. Watch as the log cabin takes shape before your eyes and marvel at the stunning final result. The video is a useful guide that will give you an understanding of the log house construction process, and some tips along the way.

Watch as the brothers show the log house construction project in the Siberian forest from start to finish. To begin they dig some holes to place the log posts for the log house construction. Some of the tools the brothers use include shovels, axes, and a chainsaw for cutting the logs. Traditionally, dried mosses are used as insulators between the logs. The moss keeps the moisture out by sealing the joints and protects the log home from moisture-related damage. Before you start to lay your logs, you'll need to decide upon which notching system you will use. Notches are scribed into logs, and join the corners of your log home. Log walls are constructed without any opening, as they will be cut later using a chainsaw.

As most log cabins are either square or rectangular, roofing isn't very complex. For the roofing, the brothers first create a frame a roof pitch that will be covered with boards later. At this stage, the log house construction starts to take shape with the Siberian forest in the background providing the perfect location and view. The butt and pass notch is a modern favorite notch as it is very easy for any skill level. For each layer of the log cabin building, the brothers rotate the direction of the log, alternating between the butt and tip. This also involves laying down a layer of insulation, such as a layer of plastic or polyester film. Those are usually excellent insulators which means they can effectively trap the heat to keep the log cabin warm.

The log cabin construction location is set in the Russian boreal forest, which is also known as the Taiga which covers approximately 12 million square km. That makes the Taiga forest the largest forested region on Earth. Russia is home to more than one-fifth of the world's forest areas, approximately 763.5 million hectares. The region is home to relatively few tree species including birch, pine, fir, and spruce. Insulating both the walls and the roof is important to keep all the heat in the cold Siberian nights. In the video, you will see the brothers using clay from the area as it has outstanding thermal insulating properties and the ability to store heat for long periods. You'll want to watch the entire video for the complete log house construction process.

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