Treehouse Cone by the Lake In Latvia

Treehouses aren't just for kids, as this treehouse vacation rental located next to the lake proves. The treehouse is located in Priekuli, Priekuli Municipality, Latvia and can accommodate up to 2 guests with one bedroom, with 1 bed, and 1.5 bathrooms. During your stay, you'll have the entire treehouse to yourself. The treehouse Ciekurs which translates to cone is located just 3 kilometers from the city of Cesis, and 90 kilometers from the capital Riga. The treehouse is located in Gauja National Park and is surrounded by the pine forest.

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This treehouse vacation rental is a great place to enjoy nature away from the noise of the city, no rushing around, just peace. The nearest shop is 3 kilometers away. The treehouse has an air conditioner, where you can adjust the temperature. The water closet is located in a separate house. You can try a Latvian sauna ritual or a hot tub (which is available for extra payment) and take a swim in the lake. The cozy treehouse is good for couples and solo adventurers.

The first floor has an open space with a tea kettle, fridge, and dishes). The second floor is used for sleeping only. Currently, there is one mattress for two people. The water closet and shower are located in a separate house, within a one minute walk. There are 2 bathrooms (one for summer and winter). Travelers to the tiny treehouse can use the barbecue, the outdoor kitchen in the summertime, a paddle boat and two bicycles. Latvian Sauna Ritual lasts about four hours and is available only on the weekends. Cesis has a large grocery Maxima. Walking it takes about 25 minutes through the pine forest.

During your stay, you can walk or ride the bike trails along with the pine forests to the river Gauja to Eagle cliff. There is a beautiful nature trail around the lake Ninieris. You can also go fishing or relax with a paddle boat in the lake. The treehouse is a lovely place to get close to nature, relax, and get away from the city. The treehouse cabin building has large windows so you can enjoy the views of nature, and have plenty of natural light fill the tiny cabin. Stairs lead up to the tiny cabin retreat, and there is a large outdoor patio where you can enjoy views of the lake, and sit out and look at the stars on clear nights. There is comfortable outdoor seating on the outdoor patio with a cover so you can sit out on the patio even when it is raining outside.

The decor inside of the tiny cabin building is simple with plenty of wood, comfy furnishings, a ladder that leads to the loft, and lightly colored stained flooring and walls. You can visit this lakeside cabin building during the summer and winter months. Outside on the outdoor patio is a place where you can use a basin and wash up. The exterior of the cabin building has cedar shakes that fit in perfectly with the natural surroundings.

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