Top Of The Hill Cabin In California

The Top of the Hill Cabin building is located in Topanga, California, United States. The tiny cabin building can accommodate up to 2 guests, with one bed, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you will have the entire cabin building all to yourself. Enjoy the rugged, beautiful landscape with its picturesque mountain views and the wide-open cloudless blue skies. You'll love the crisp morning light and the warm sunset glows.

Photoshoots are allowed at this vacation rental but must first be discussed with no overnights. Photoshoot fees are determined by the size and hours of shooting. There is limited wifi available for guests to connect if needed. The Top Of the hill is also the owner's home. They live on the property. They also share this lovely location with their dogs Georgie and Chica. The dogs are laid back and easy going. The Top of the Hill is a location in nature, so you'll want to be considerate of your surroundings. There are bugs, lizards and the occasional mischievous mouse.

From the moment you set eyes on this Topanga, California cabin building you will be sure to fall in love. The cute and cozy cabin building is located in a stunning spot surrounded by nature. You will also get to enjoy the metalwork artwork that sits on the property. There is a front patio where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Inside is just as great with plenty of windows that open up to the outdoors, bringing in lots of natural light, and offering unlimited views. There is a barbecue to use on the outdoor patio. The tiny cabin has a comfy bed that will give you some of the best sleep during your vacation stay. This is an excellent spot to relax, do some yoga, create art, write or simply enjoy the view and the solitude of this beautiful property.

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