Tiny House Tour: Perfectly Rustic Tiny Mountain Log Cabin in British Columbia

Hand-built wooden homes are some of the warmest and coziest homes in the world. Especially ones like this tiny house built in the forest on Salt Spring Island, in British Columbia, Canada. The tiny home is called the Keva tiny house belonging to Rebecca Grim. Rebecca is a yoga instructor, and she designed and built the tiny house herself with help from her friend Rudy Hexter who is a carpenter along with his apprentice Lenny. The home measures 22 feet long and has 168 square feet of space inside. She also has an 8 foot by 8-foot porch built out of pallets which extends her living space to the outdoors. On the west coast of Canada the temperatures never usually go below 0 degrees Celcius even in the winter so she could enjoy this space year round if she wanted to. The deck can also be taken apart if the house needs to be moved and there is also a shelter surrounding the deck made of plexiglass to keep the rain out. She has a nice little table and chairs set up out there to sit at and enjoy the beautiful scenery and to accommodate guests for meals outdoors when the weather is nice.

Her house is a tiny house on wheels built on a steel trailer, but you wouldn't know it right away. The trailer is covered up really well, so it looks like it was built right on the land it's sitting on. The Keva tiny house took them about 6 months to build and was completely finished in the summer of 2015 costing around $25,000 CAD for the materials. The tiny house on wheels is so comfortable looking inside too. Inside there is a lovely cast-iron wood-burning stove with a handmade rock surround. The sitting area is a handmade bench surrounded by beautiful large windows that allow in so much great light and views of the trees and greenery. The kitchen features a beautiful handcrafted curved wooden counter here and another on the other side of the kitchen. She has a nice deep ceramic sink in the kitchen as well as a two burner gas cooktop built into the counter. She also has a great bathroom with a galvanized steel feeding trough as the bathtub which would provide a good, deep bath. She also has a shower and a shower curtain rod around the bath area. There's even a glass door leading outside from the bathroom, and instead of a composting toilet, she uses an outhouse.

Upstairs is the sleeping loft which actually feels quite spacious with a shed-style roof and a skylight. The skylight would also be great for star gazing on a clear night. She also has a good storage space with a closet. Rebecca pays a few hundred dollars each month to rent out the spot that she parks her tiny house on wheels on. She also has access to the laundry units inside the main house too which works well for her. She enjoys saving her money to travel and then when she returns from her adventures she will have a familiar home to return to. She's also really interested in helping other people build and design their own tiny houses on wheels, and she will even help people with their own tiny house design or any other questions they may have about the process. Overall, Rebecca's tiny house design is awesome and other people considering building and living in a tiny house of their own should definitely check her tiny house out for some inspiration. She even shares her tiny house designs and plans on her website for those who want to use her design.

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