This Tiny House Looks Like a Train Car Straight Out of the Victorian Era

You'll never look at tiny houses the same after taking a look at these tiny houses created by David Carlyle of Naples, Florida. Carlyle who grew up on the Wild West television dramas and Boxcar Children books is a semi-retired landscape architect who is living in Naples, Florida. His unique tiny house designs started when he had a horse trailer and started tinkering around with it, after a few months, he had created a tiny house styled like the luxury Victorian train cars that he was mesmerized by as a kid. After the first horse trailer tiny house, Carlyle did another and another. Without having to do a website, advertising, or even a business name, people from France to Los Angeles found the tiny house builder and bought the trailers to use as Airbnb rentals. One of his tiny house designs is a West Palm Beach horse ranch turned into an office, another is used for a Los Angeles violinist to hold jam sessions with fellow musicians in.

Carlyle calls the unique tiny house designs Gypsy Trailers when you step inside its easy to envision these tiny houses as a cross between the Orient Express and a Romani tiny wagon rolling through the countryside. The process of building tiny houses can be compared as beauty out of chaos. You might find one in the building phase which is also the chaos phase and then ends as a masterpiece. During the building phase, everything is a huge mess. It might start as a 7,000-pound steel horse trailer that one former West Palm Beach owner used to transport thoroughbred racehorses. Carlyle is like a painter contemplating a blank canvass, he spends a lot of time looking and thinking, often with his one-year-old grandson at his side. The ideas for the unique tiny houses come to him and gel in his brain. In one of the tiny house designs he used gold spray on the trailer's curvilinear trim, he sprayed the paint on so he would remember later that he was thinking about gold.

The tiny house trailer has gold-edged picture frames complete with the glass that had replaced the trailer's busted out windows. Where the trailer had a horse ramp, Carlyle created a shingled exterior wall with bump-outs that are used for flower planters and an overhang for a tiny house porch. Inside the tiny house design, there is a living area that has been roughed out for a king-sized bed with a memory foam mattress, a bar, a lounging and entertainment space and a bathroom area in the back. The tiny house design has rich draperies and carved wood trim that partition the spaces.

There is a refurbished horse trough that will serve for the bathtub. Other than the electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning the beautiful gypsy trailers come ready to connect to any municipal services, or, if preferred, they can have a composting toilet with everything finished by hand with found building materials. As more people find out about Carlyle's creations, he gets more calls from people dreaming of owning a place of their own and never having to pay rent bills again.

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