This Tiny House Has An Inspiring Interior

Tiny house designs are gaining in popularity all over the world, whether it be a tiny house on wheels, shipping container home, or wood cabin the possibilities are endless. This 750 square foot wood cabin in Berkeley, California is just one example of how amazing a tiny house design can be. From the moment you walk inside you are sure to fall in love, with wood used throughout the floors, ceiling and walls. The interior and the exterior of this small cottage home works beautifully together, combining natural building materials and a scenic location that works well. Inside this tiny house design, there are plenty of windows to let in the natural view, and some fresh air on sunny days. The outdoor decks are another detail that makes this tiny house design work, as both seamlessly extend the indoor space outdoors, with a comfy seating area down below and an upper deck with plenty of seating spots to accommodate guests. And if that weren't enough this tiny cabin design has a great kitchen with a gas stove and stainless steel appliances and plenty of cabinet space to prepare all your meals.

This 750 square foot wood cabin in Berkeley, California was once a one car garage, and it has been converted and expanded into the lovely tiny cabin cottage it is today. From the photos, you can see how the owner added an addition to the garage on the hillside, and inside the tiny cottage is a stairway that was built to connect the spaces. The downstairs of the tiny house design is the old converted garage, which is where the living area, kitchen and half bathroom are located. Up the stairs, you will find the newer addition of the wood cabin with a bedroom and full sized bathroom. The bedroom has a beautiful outdoor patio to enjoy the surrounding view. The exposed wooden beams throughout the wood cabin are gorgeous. The exterior wooden and stone patios blend in with the beautiful scenery extending the tiny cabin cottage space outwards. Lots of wood throughout the interior, along with modern appliances makes for clean lines that feel spacious. A great space all around.

There are many reasons people become interested in small house living. For some, it is the chance to downsize from their larger sized traditional homes and large mortgages into a tiny home that they can own outright. With a smaller house means needing less stuff to fill it, therefore saving money and having more money to spend on things such as travel, hobbies and passions. Tiny houses cost less to run, less on utility bills, and for the people that live in off-grid homes, solar tiny homes, or wind-powered tiny homes even greater savings can be achieved, allowing people to have a comfortable retirement. For many people downsizing to a smaller space is liberating, less cleaning to do, and not being tied to the need to have more. For others a tiny house might mean a vacation home away from the city, the perfect tiny space to spend summers or holiday, tiny houses can also be used for backyard office spaces and as tiny guesthouses.

Small house living is more popular than ever before, and its no wonder with so many great tiny house designs to choose from. You will find tiny house buildings in almost any design you can imagine to include tree houses, tiny houses on wheels, gypsy vardo caravans, laneway houses, small cottage homes, park models, amazing interiors, houseboats, wood cabins and so much more.

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