This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations

Here's a vehicle that's ideal for people who want to be on the go and off the grid. It comes for such a great price too, which is another reason to love it. This innovative new vehicle is from Dethleffs, a German company who has created some pretty incredible products. This particular model is called the Trend, and it has an excellent value for the price it's set at. Just this year they have revised their motor homes with a fresh new look and design. With these motor homes, you get maximum flexibility for travel with comfortable sleeping options inside. Not only that, the motor home looks stunning from the exterior as well with it's sleek, modern profile and features. It looks very similar to most motor homes, but a little bit more updated and futuristic. With either white and grey paint and black accents, it's got a nice, neutral color that won't get too hot in the sun. On the inside, there is the cab where the driver and passenger seat and those chairs are able to flip around to the back seat when the motor home is parked so everyone can enjoy playing games or eating a meal together. It's got a sporty look, and it's fun to drive with great turning power and gas mileage.

The entire unit weighs 3,499 kg so it would be easy to take on ferries if that were part of getting to your destination. The suspended double mirrors provide a great field of vision for the driver, and the windshield is also nice and large for great views of the road ahead. They included a large engine compartment so there is access to all vehicle parts so it will be easy to repair and change the oil. Inside, the motor home features lots of space with a bench seat with seatbelts for safe travel. A table that can be pulled out or tucked away to save space. There's also a sunroof which lets you see the sky above and makes it feel more spacious within the motor home. They also include plenty of windows throughout the motor home as well. There are a few different options to choose from including options for enough space to sleep 3 all the way up to 6 people. The larger models will have an extended tail end which provides more space for the extra beds. A loft bed can also be included, as well. The entrance door is nice and wide as well, which is always nice and opens the inside of the motor home up to the outdoors.

Each unit will have a 142 L refrigerator with a large freezer compartment to store food in. There's also a nice little sink to do the dishes and a built-in range to cook on. So when you're travelling in one of these, you won't have to always rely on the campfire or mini BBQ for cooking which is so nice. There is also plenty of storage, including the kitchen cabinets and overhead storage in the centre much like on a bus or a plane. The little bathroom area has a sink and mirror with an RV toilet and a shower so you also wouldn't have to use RV park bathrooms if you didn't want to. The bedroom area is really comfortable with a large queen bed and tons of storage compartments for clothes and other items. This would be an excellent RV to travel in with the entire family, and everyone could sleep inside without the need to sleep in a tent. How would you like to enjoy a vacation in this awesome RV?

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