This Oversized And Sculptural Wood Throne Was Made From Recycled Pallets

When you look at wooden pallets you would never imagine a sculptural piece of art such as this wooden throne. Beautifully finished the wooden chair would make a lovely addition to any backyard or garden space. It goes to show just how much you can do using recycled pallets, and it's an inspiring idea to come up with a do-it-yourself project of your own.

The world’s resources are limited. So, as a designer, you might wonder how to still celebrate the pure joy of making and craftsmanship without having to use up the planet’s precious raw materials. The 'Pallet Thief' is Anton Brunberg’s answer. The designer calculated that there are some six billion pallets in circulation worldwide. Most of which are made of wood. Each year, one percent of those wooden pallets reach the end of their lifespan or are lost. By tapping into this industrial global supply, Anton has found his natural resource, which provides him with all the design materials he needs. Through the humble pallet, he can carry on doing what he loves with a clean conscience.

Wooden pallets are typically used when shipping large items, stores that receive lots of deliveries will often discard them when everything’s been unloaded, so you may be able to get a few for free. With endless possibilities for these wooden frames, all you need is a little imagination some do-it-yourself talent and you can transform a wood pallet into a decorative piece of furniture, garden fixture, art, garden fixture and so much more. The following are just some of the DIY ideas you might try using repurposed wooden pallets.

Standing Garden. Wooden pallets are a great material to use in this DIY project, because of the space between each slat, they are easy to pack plants into to make a very beautiful standing garden.

Coffee Table. Recycled pallets are a great material to make a coffee table with plenty of ideas to try. You might add a sheet of glass to a pallet or some wheels, the ideas you can try are endless.

Bookshelf or Toy Bin. Reassembling a wooden pallet can take it from flat to standing and makes a great piece of furniture for holding books, toys, and other knick-knacks.

Shoe Organizer. Shoes stack perfectly into wooden pallets while keeping everything organized. You can use some rope or chain, and suspend a wooden pallet and transform it into a nice place to relax on the porch or patio.

Flower Box. Wooden pallets make great flower boxes simply by creating a rectangle that can be used both indoors and outdoors to have a theme that carries throughout your home.

Ottoman. Add some padding, fabric, and decorative legs to a wooden pallet, and you’ve got an ottoman perfect for the living room.

Desktop. Add a pallet to a tabletop and have a desk with little cubbies for your things.

Stools. Make some stools for extra seating or to have at your kitchen bar by stacking a few wooden pallets and adding some fabric to them.

More about this story can be found at: Anton Brunberg

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