This Incredible Cabin Is The Ultimate Family Home

There is so much to love about this contemporary-style timber home. This post-and-beam home creates an elegant mix of contemporary style and relaxed ambiance. The natural timbers against the white finishes, mixed with the stone fireplace are striking, to say the least. You'll want to take note of the integrated rooflines, which display the custom design capabilities from Legacy Post and Beam. The post and beam home is 36 feet by 50 feet, with 1.5 stories, the main floor of 1,608 square feet, and a loft of 1,097 square feet.

Each Legacy customer is unique and so is every kit the company produces. All they need is a starting point and they can help bring your home project to life. Get inspired by the pre-designed kits and featured projects on their site, or from other sources. From there, discuss with your Legacy Post and Beam representative your likes, dislikes, preferences, requirements, and more so that they can outline the kit that is right for you. They make the custom design process as easy as possible by listening closely to your needs and matching that with the square footage, dimensions, rooflines, accessories, and more that fit your budget. Whether it’s your first time building, or you’re an experienced contractor, they are there to help.

Post and beam barns boast a style that is recognizable around the world. They have dotted the countryside in a picturesque manner for decades. This speaks to their durability, timeless style, and practical value. The kits from Legacy Post and Beam feature different roofline styles. Each option provides a unique look that is beneficial in different scenarios. Once the roofline style is selected, they work with customers on customizing the length, width, lean-tos, accessories, upgrades, and more of their kit to ensure it fits their needs and budget.

Pre-designed Post And Beam Barn Kits. Inspiration comes in all forms, and their pre-designed barn kits are a great way to get started on your post and beam journey. These kits range in size from 792 square feet to over 2,300 square feet and are truly a starting point. Each starts as a base model and then they customize it to meet each customer's needs. Because the roofline and bent structure is defined, there are cost savings on the design side which allows them to offer them at a reduced rate.

Environmentally Friendly Building. Sustainability is nothing new for post and beam designs. As one of the world’s original building materials, timbers are not only a renewable resource, but also enable the most environmentally friendly construction methods, as well as come with the added benefit of creating healthier work and living spaces.

Working With Nature. Legacy is so encouraged that consumers are taking an avid interest in the life cycle of their products and falling back in love with the time-tested method of timber frame construction. With that in mind, they invite you along the journey of a standard Douglas-fir timber used in a Legacy kit. Beginning in the Pacific Northwest, their timbers are harvested from land that is managed specifically for health and biological diversity.

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