This Community In Denmark Lives In Surreal Circle Gardens

On the outskirts of the city of Copenhagen lies a unique sight, the Brondby Haveby, a collection of houses that are nestled inside a grid of perfectly circular greenery, as if beings from another planet created a captivating space for a community. Many urban spaces in the world are so uniquely planned that they leave people speechless. The Brondby Haveby collection of houses became known around the world with the help of satellites and aerial photography, allowing people to see just how carefully the buildings are laid out in the areas.

Brondby Haveby or Brondby Garden City as it is known is located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark, this garden city is a place of many community gardens that are known for their unique circular arrangement. The houses in Brondby Haveby have large yards that provide a retreat from the noisy and densely populated city and also allow for the locals to indulge in the hobby of growing plants and crops. The idea of the garden city was approved in 1964 when the municipality of Brondby agreed to dedicate space for allotments, thus the mesmerizing circles started to pop up in the area. The architect of Brondby Haveby chose this type of circular arrangement not by accident. The gardens were made known by photographers such as Henry Do who stumbled upon this captivating and unique area.

For decades, urban planners around the world have looked to the Danish capital of Copenhagen, with its low-rise high density, and unparalleled culture of everyday cycling, as an example of how to design a city. Recently, photographer Henry Do brought the world’s attention to Brondby Haveby or Garden City, with a series of aerial photographs posted to Instagram. The photographer said it was unreal how the recent images went crazy viral and offered a follow-up drone video.

The reaction to the shots was amazing. Do says the photos were very lucky, with the perfect light and conditions. Copenhagen has a lot of rainfall, so for the photographer to be able to shoot this with clear weather was unbelievable. Seeing this place from an aerial perspective was great as well. While, driving, Brondby looks just like any typical neighborhood around the world. It’s only when Do took the camera above and flew it around, that the perspective changed.

The houses in Brondby Haveby have large amounts of land for yards and luscious gardens. This allows the residents to be surrounded by greenery and peacefully relish the solitude, away from the loud and busy city life. Its residents are encouraged to indulge in hobbies. The circular shape of the neighborhoods was intended to encourage the residents who choose to reside in the garden city to build a harmonious community among each other in the form of friendly social interactions. While the houses are separated by large yards, the circular shape still ensures the owners are close to the neighbors. You'll want to be sure and keep Brondby Haveby in mind the next time you make a trip to Denmark.

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