This Artfully Crafted Live Edge Pool Table has us Captivated

These pool tables are like nothing you've seen before and are made using logs from Colorado and Wyoming. This unique pool table is handcrafted in the Roaring Fork Valley which is near Aspen; this custom billiard table is sure to capture everyone's attention in any rustic log cabin retreat. Every angle on the billiard table offers a different view of the wood’s unique character. Lodgepole burl logs from the high mountains of Colorado and Wyoming are used on the unique custom pool tables. Each log for the table is carefully selected, sanded and then finished to reveal the character and beauty of the wood.

These custom pool tables are sure to make any billiard room the perfect spot to gather. As with any billiard table of this calibre, the quality of play depends on a pool table that is solid, sturdy and true to the test of time. Each log that is used for these custom pool tables is unique, each burl unique, along with the craftsmen who design the tables. There are no two tables that are alike.

Amazing Log Pool Tables are pieces of art that you will appreciate having in your home. Even if you don't play pool but have a large home design where a pool table can sit, you will enjoy these custom pool tables for their sheer beauty. Aspen Rustic is located in Austin, Texas. These amazing custom pool tables are made from logs that come from both Colorado and Wyoming. Each pool table is fascinating and rustic. Every angle in the pool table presents a different view of wood’s unique character. Each log is carefully selected, sanded and then finished to result in a pool table that is unique to you.

And what about the game of pool itself? The seasoned pool player knows some tricks that take time to master. In the great game of pool, there are different distinctions, terminology and a variety of pool strategies that you will learn also. There are three items that you will be using in a game of pool to include the billiard table, cue stick, and the pool balls. The first thing you want to consider is to pick the cue stick that is appropriate for your particular size. There are three standard sizes that a pool table has it would be 7, 8, and 9 feet. As for the pool balls, they consist of even and odds, stripes and solids, the eight ball along with the cue ball. In case you don’t know what a cue ball is, it is the solid white ball, and this ball can be distinguished as being a bit heavier. The cue ball is the ball hit during the game. If you are interested in playing pool, you may search the internet for all sorts of steps on how to play it, and it will be best if you have your pool table to practice. Otherwise, you can go to a pool hall and then get some practice.

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