This 215-Square-Foot Tiny House On Wheels Is Even Equipped with a Laundry Chute

The Little Sojourner is an adorable tiny house with 215 square feet of space with 1 queen-sized bed and a bathroom. The tiny house on wheels comes from tiny house builders Hauslein and is 20 feet long. This Little Sojourner has a kitchen, loft bedroom, bathroom, and a flip-down deck. It is ideal for full-time living, guest accommodation, or a granny flat. The tiny house on wheels is fully transportable and road registerable. Each tiny house is blue slipped and comes with a VIN. The Little Sojourner is built on a durable, galvanized, heavy-duty trailer chassis with high-end Al-Ko axles.

The tiny house is built using termite-resistant timber frames with a trim deck profile, monument matte finish colorbond cladding, Western Red Cedar cladding, durable aluminum windows, with SP10 SmartGlass. The Little Sojourner has flyscreens on all windows, and the walls, ceiling, and floors are insulated with fiberglass earth wool (R2) & silver sarking. The internal walls are lined with solid pine paneling. The tiny house has an aluminum and glass single front door, stunning and durable solid Cypress Pine flooring and benchtops, quality standard charcoal-colored carpeting upstairs, and in the slide-out if applicable. There is solid Rhino Ply cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom with no chipboard. The tiny house has soft-close drawers and cupboards throughout.

The tiny house has a 2 sided kitchen with generous storage, Cypress pine ladder to the loft, comfortable breakfast bar, and generous bench space, large kitchen sink with high tap and clever in-sink drainer, space for either drawer dishwasher or full-size oven, 2 burner gas stove, space for full-size 300-450L fridge, high quality modern black fixtures and Cypress Pine shelving.

The bathroom has a traditional flush toilet with composting toilet option available, a full-size corner shower with the custom rod, and a high-quality curtain. There is a vanity unit with ceramic basin with Cypress Pine feature basin available, high quality modern black fixtures, extraction fan, shelving for towels, space for full-size front loader washing machine or washer/dryer at comfortable hip height, generous solid Cypress Pine bench space, and LED Backlit mirror. There is a wardrobe cupboard with an option for laundry shoot from the upstairs bedroom. This includes space for a full-size washing basket and generous clothes hanging space and 4 large drawers for clothes or other bathrooms & laundry items.

The bedroom is a standard loft space with a good loft height and space for queen-size mattresses. The living/lounge space is a comfortable size for a full-size 3 seater couch or sofa bed, with space for a large wall-mounted TV, solid Cypress Pine bookshelf, above and below the television, and space for a coffee or multi-purpose table. The Little Sojourner tiny house on wheels is true to its name as sojourn means to rest, abide, dwell or stay. It’s about having a break from the journey, to be refreshed. There is an element of temporariness to it which is captured by the relocatable nature of a tiny home on wheels. You can stop a while, and move on in your own time, taking your resting place with you.

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