These Dreamlike Treehouses Actually Exist, and You Can Stay in One Overnight

This incredible treehouse is known as the Burl Tree House located in Fall City, Washington State. This charming treehouse has everything you need for an overnight stay. Located in the rainforest, the Burl Tree House design is like something out of a fairytale; this is one of a few of the unique tree houses you will find at Tree House Point. There are several other tree houses including the Bonbibi, Nest, Temple of the Blue Moon, Trillium and the Upper Pond. The Burl tree house has a walkway through the trees, and two stories to enjoy your view within the trees. Covered in cedar shake shingles and lots of windows, it's an inspiration to see this cottage tree house.

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The Burl tree house has a second-floor cozy bed and lots of comfy details like colourful pillows and rugs to make your stay in the trees all that you can imagine. This is exactly as you would imagine a cottage in the trees to be, made with all natural building materials just like the large trees that surround this natural tree house. Log railings, stained glass lighting fixtures and lots of wood throughout make this a unique home design you won't soon forget.

These charming tree houses are made with high-quality wood, windows and doors. Staying in unique small homes like these tree houses is a good chance to see what tiny house living is all about. They're not just for vacationing either, some people use them for full-time living, guest houses and artists studios. They can be a nice addition to your main home as well if you have property to build on and can evolve as needed. Some people even build their own small homes or tree houses themselves which requires some extra work and know-how but it can be a very rewarding experience too. Plus it can save some money on the costs of building a home too.

This is just one of the unique small house plans you will see on the Tree House Point site. The tree house village was created in 2005 by Pete Nelson, who had been building tree houses for 20 years. He says he began building tree houses, when he was five years old, building his first tiny tree house with just a hammer and a screwdriver with the help of his dad. He and his small designer homes have progressed through the years, as he learned from each build and each tree in the area. Living in Washington State, and always in searching for property, he came across four parcels of land just under four acres, that were available in Fall City. The land was very close to his home, along with a neighbouring property with a lodge/home that was also for sale. It was at this time that the idea for his own Tree House Bed and Breakfast was born. What a great idea, and so great that others can come and experience these tree houses for themselves as well. Would you like the chance to stay in one of these little tree houses?

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