The Yungue is a Unique Two Story Tree House in Puerto Rico

You'll want to take a look inside this unique two-story treehouse, bright red and cozy, with scenic views all around. The Yunge treehouse can accommodate 2 guests, with one bedroom, 1 bed, and a bathroom. The Yunque View treehouse is a cabin building that makes for a lovely vacation idea, especially for guests who love nature. At the Yunge treehouse, you can enjoy the sounds and sounds of birds, rivers and enchanting views in this world-famous rainforest. You can stay in a treehouse with all the comforts of home. Next door is the main building with a reception area that is equipped with a wood-burning fireplace.

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The Yunque treehouse is a two-story treehouse that is guaranteed to give you a unique experience. The ground floor of the treehouse has a kitchen, dining room, and living room, all with a scenic view of Puerto Rico's national rainforest. On the top floor of the treehouse, you will find a cozy bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. The property has 24 acres of untouched forest in which guests can explore and enjoy nature. A section of the Espiritu Santo river runs through the vacation property so guests can enjoy its natural beauty. The purpose of this concept is to provide guests with an intimate experience within nature. The treehouse's main attractions are the forest, rivers and the birds that live in this peaceful environment.

There is something special about staying in a treehouse vacation home. Treehouses are a reminder of childhood when treehouses provided a fun place to make-believe and hang out with friends and siblings. These days you are seeing more and more treehouses used as guest houses, vacation homes, and even used for full time living. These treehouses have a completely different function and appearance than the treehouses used as playhouses. Some treehouses are connected to a ground house by either a bridge or a stairway from a deck. But even if it’s just a short walk down a wooded path, treehouse designs can extend the use and the area of the main home. Treehouses can be used as guest rooms, and are always unmatched in novelty. As a result, you'll find treehouses used as bed and breakfast suites, as they generate higher than average rental rates. A well-built treehouse can have all of the modern comforts of a standard house and some treehouses are even built to be used as permanent homes.

Treehouses for kids are often built at the beginning of summer, the perfect time to coincide with the warmer outdoor weather. Treehouses are especially popular for kids, making for a separate space away from the main house where they can hang out and have a space of their own. Kids like to imagine that their treehouse is a smaller house of their own, and many kids treehouses have a bit of furniture sized for the kids. You don’t have to look far into kids' culture to find treehouses in cartoons and book characters, such as the treehouses used for fairies, elves, forest animals and more.

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