The Sustainable and Handmade Highland Log Cabins Of Eagle Brae in Scotland

On top of a beautiful lush green hill with a glen below are the handcrafted Highland log cabins of Eagle Brae in Scotland. Each of the 10 rental cottages are made with attention to detail and sustainable. Himalayan wood carvings are done throughout the cottages adding so much more character and interest to the homes giving them personalities of their own. These incredible log cabins are made from giant red cedar logs that were sustainably sourced from British Columbia. The cabins are all built by world-renowned log builder Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia who builds some of the most stunning log cabins, homes and lodges in the world. Plus, all of the cabins were built with the environment in mind and include green rooftops and eco-friendly wood-burning fireplaces. These eco-friendly luxury log cabins in the heart of the Highlands give guests a taste of the pristine surroundings that Scotland has to offer. Pioneer Homes is committed to preserving the environment, so each one is built with sustainability in mind. They've also named each of them after things from nature including birds. There is the Certhia, Tringa, Buteo, Pareus, Ardea, Loxia, Sylvia, Cinclus, Aquila, and Strix. These are some pretty cool names for the log cabins, and they allow the cabins to embody the essence of the natural elements even more than they already do. Even though the log cabins are very natural, they also include modern appliances, come with Wi-Fi, and more. Another nice thing they offer is the ability to bring your pets along for the trip with you, so you don't have to leave your furry family members at home.

The owners Mike and Pawana Spencer-Nairn had an idea in mind for this property and chose the perfect log builders to work with on it. Mike, was actually raised in Jersey, in the Channel Islands but his family was from Scotland. He met his wife Pawana in Himachal Pradesh state in India while travelling and they moved to Jersey and got married having kids soon after. They always wanted to create a holiday rental property themselves just as Pawana's family had in India. So they moved to Scotland in pursuit of fulfilling that dream, and they haven't looked back since. They created Eagle Brae on an 8,000-acre Estate in Struy, Inverness-shire, a property that Mike had been lucky enough to have in his family since the 1930s. So instead of just building on it for themselves to live on, they decided to open it up to guests creating the gorgeous luxury holiday village. Everything from the homes themselves to the linens they provide have been handmade. They took great pride in creating these log cabin havens, and it shows throughout.

The couple teamed up with Pioneer Log Homes of BC who have been well-known and loved log builders for over 40 years. Mike and Pawana loved that the company had a focus on sustainability in their building, designing and materials. You can see the details from the master craftsmen throughout each and every home creating stories for each space. The log cabins are made from Western Red Cedar which is known to be one of the most beautiful types of wood as well as the most durable. The company does most of the work in Canada by carving each of the logs and labeling them before shipping them over to Scotland to be reassembled on the property. Eagle Brae is actually one of the only accommodations in the world that is carbon neutral, so if it's eco-tourism you're looking for, this is the place to stay while in Scotland. They have a micro-hydro scheme that creates electricity and hot water for all 10 of the log cabins, and then the wood pellet burners create the heating inside. The water is from a natural underground supply, and it's treated right on-site and then gravity fed to all our cabins. Wouldn't these cabins be wonderful to spend a vacation in? Which one would you choose?

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