The Sequoia Has 3 Cozy Bedrooms Making It Ideal For Families

Take a look inside the Sequoia, just one of the log cabin options available from Michigan Log and Timber. With its front covered porch and covered side patio, this log home is perfect for relaxing outdoors. Inside you will find a beautifully finished log cabin with wood throughout, and a peaked roof in the living area for a spacious look and feel. The Sequoia log home has three bedrooms, two downstairs on the main floor, and the main bedroom upstairs.

Something you often hear about when it comes to homes is the R-Value which measures the performance of an insulated wall. When it comes to log homes since a log wall is a solid mass (there is no insulated space), the R-Value does not apply correctly. The log home is measured by something known as thermal mass. The studies that have been done on the differences between insulated walls versus solid log walls point out that a solid log wall is superior based on the average costs for heating and cooling. Thermal mass means that the logs can absorb heat, which helps to keep the log house cool in the summer and then to store that same heat in the winter and gradually release it at night, warming the log house.

Michigan Log and Timber have different log options and profiles to meet your needs. They start with your budget and list of needs and wants, then help you select the log house floor plan that's right for you and your family. They offer a wide range of house plans to suit your needs, from simple cottages to elaborate dwellings. They can even expand your existing log home with an addition. Their log home plans reflect years of experience and have been designed to include the best features and layouts for the most affordable price. They provide consultation services to help you reach the right balance between form and function. If a plan meets your basic requirements but needs to be tweaked to make a perfect fit, they are happy to collaborate on customizing the design to create the blueprint of your dreams.

They offer a wide range of log species, log profiles, building materials packages, building systems, handcrafted building systems, and log accents. The options you choose and the way you put them together are all up to you. Their design experts are there to help you create a distinctive home. At Michigan Log and Timber Homes, they salute those who go their way, seek their path, and build a place that represents their spirit. Contact us today to start planning your dream home. To ensure that your log home is all that you dreamed it would be, they pride themselves on unmistakable quality at every step, from log house design and building materials to construction and maintenance. Their seasoned professionals will guide you through the process to help you select the design that fits your needs and lifestyle, building materials that work best for your design and location, and a contractor who understands your type of construction.

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