The Nest is the Compact and Updated Airstream Trailer With Classic Airstream Style

If you love the classic designs of older travel trailers, you have to check out the all new Nest travel trailer from the one and only Airstream. The beloved Airstream travel trailers are still going strong, some of them being renovated and restored to keep rolling for over 50 years. But now, the company is offering brand new travel trailers like the Nest camper which is a compact version of the large Airstream camper. They still make the large ones as well, but the smaller ones offer a more affordable and compact option for couples or single people who don't require a lot of space in their camper. This is a fresh take on the iconic sliver-bullet travel trailer with a fibreglass body and a sleek, modern design. So it still has aspects of the vintage trailer, but with an updated look that will match any newer vehicle. So if you've been looking at older trailers but you're worried about how they will hold up given their age, then looking into a newer model is a great idea. The interior design of these new Airstream trailers is also lovely, with plenty of windows and lots of modern furniture and amenities. The Nest has two floor plans available, and both of them have lots of great features. The difference between the two plans are the sleeping and dining areas. You can choose between a fixed bed or a U-shaped dinette which converts into a bed. Both designs feature a kitchenette, a full bathroom with a toilet and shower and closet space too.

They also include seamless vinyl flooring, Italian Lite-Ply® laminated cabinetry, and accent walls to make it feel like a home away from home. Both floor plans are 16-feet which is great for two people maybe two people with one small child. The full kitchen includes a sink, built-in cooking range, a microwave and a fridge with an ice box. So you can make meals while you're on the road without having to worry about cooking over the fire. There's also a nice countertop to use for meal prep, and the sink and range can be covered up to make more surface area. A table and U-shaped seating would be a great idea for eating inside the trailer, and then that can be transformed into a bed at night. One of the other great features are the Bluetooth® LED Lights which can be adjusted right from your smartphone. There are also USB and 110V Charging Outlets so you can charge your devices and use appliances efficiently. Even though the windows are great for letting in light and views during the day, the blackout curtains will ensure that you can have a nice restful sleep or a nap in the daytime. The Nest is very lightweight which makes it really easy to tow with a mid-size SUV or truck. The trailer probably isn't best to be towed behind a car though.

Airstream makes quality trailers that last a lifetime, and they continue to have some of the best quality trailers around. So this could be a trailer that you have for years and then give to your kids when they're older. Having a trailer is a great idea because you can take it to new locations and enjoy spending time in different places. Whereas if you buy a cabin, you're stuck going to one place every summer. Owning a trailer like this one would be so much fun, just think of all the places you could take it and all of the use you'd get out of it. If you're at all interested in these beautiful trailers, you can check their website for dealerships near you that sell Airstream products and then you can see them in person.

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