The Kota Coast - Unusual Little Cabin With Sauna In France

The Kota Coast is a unique cabin building that can accommodate up to 4 guests with one bedroom, 2 beds, and one bathroom. The Kota Coast can accommodate two adults and two children for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday in nature. The tiny cabin building is equipped with a sauna for 4 people. The Finnish Kota cabin building is built on stilts, equipped for two adults and two children, with a small kitchen, a bedroom that opens to the bathroom, with a shower, washbasin and a water closet, small living room and a table for 4 people. There is a small mezzanine that can accommodate two children. The Kota Coast cabin building is like no other vacation rental you've seen before and is sure to be a favorite among kids and adults alike.

The tiny cabin building has an outside terrace with garden furniture, an electric barbecue, a sauna for four people with a barrel of cold water to refresh afterward. The Kota cabin building is installed on a pile, you can enjoy the terrace, and at the bottom is a swing and a rope for the kids, and a hammock for adults to relax. There is also a large playground for the kids to enjoy. This beautiful cabin building is located in Semide, Grand Est, France. The Kota cabin building is in a dead-end on a large plot, where you can enjoy some peace on a quiet street. The small village is classified as 4 flowers in the ranking of the villages in bloom and is a quiet village surrounded by greenery.

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