The Great Plains Western Horse Barn With 30 Foot Center

This 70 foot by 100-foot barn is the Commercial Great Plains Western Horse Barn and features a 30-foot center. All of the Sand Creek Post and Beam wood barn kits feature the strength and beauty of post and beam timber frame construction. Their custom designed barns have been used for horse barns, toy storage, equipment, detached garages, party barns, event centers, loft living, and wedding facilities. These barn style houses can be rustic yet sophisticated, with the barns being pre-manufactured, shipped as a kit, and built to last generations. This barn is located in Ohio. You will want to take a look at this beautiful multi-use barn. The possibilities of what you could use this modern barn for are endless. These days it seems that more and more barns architectural designs are being built for a wide variety of uses. In the past barn, builds were typically used to store equipment and animals, but you will now find barns turned into home designs, event barns, barn home conversions and so much more. The use of the barn build has changed, and you will find these classic builds in all sorts of intriguing architectural designs from modern to rustic and everything in between. This multi-use barn design is a large barn with lots of space. Inside you might consider a large gourmet style kitchen and bar area.

When it comes to barn style houses, you will hear about timber frames and post and beam frames. Both timber frame barns and post and beam barns are thought to be the same. They are however somewhat different. Timber framed barns builds are the type of barn builds that involve the intricate cutting of the joints to hold the barn timbers together. Timber framing is the more complicated and beautiful use of classic building techniques that have been around for more than a thousand years. Whereas the post and beam style of barn framing is a bit more simple, and an older style of barn build framing. The post and beam style of barn design framing uses the method of the supporting rafters and the joists that are notched into the timber beams. Stonehenge is another good example of the post and beam type of barn construction that uses stone rather than timber. One thing that sets barns apart from other types of home designs is the use of exposed wooden beams throughout the building design; this is part of the appeal of barns.

Another thing that people seem to love about barns is that they have wide open interior spaces, making barns the ideal homes for use in entertaining, events and having guests over. The classic designs of barns that you will find across the country are full of both history and beauty. It's nice to see somewhat of a revival in new modern barn styles and home designs that are built. The use of natural building materials like wood and stone only further add to the appeal of these traditional designs.

This multi-use barn kit is just one of the barns you will find on the Sand Creek Post and Beam Company site. The family-run company is located in Wayne, Nebraska. The main focus of Sand Creek Post and Beam is on the post and beam barn builds, using historic and traditional barn building designs. There are a variety of barn styles to choose from to include wood barns, barn style houses, event barns, windmills, wood barns,

pavilions, barn Kings, and accessories. You are sure to love all the attention to detail some of these barns builds.

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