The Ascutney Log Home is Perfect for the Lake or In The City

This is a log home design that would work wonderfully for a small family or couple. The Ascutney log home would look perfect sitting beside the lake, or out in the country. This log house design was modified from the Swiftwater log cabin design and is set apart from the other design by its large windowed shed dormer. Prices for this log house designs start at $39,250 for a pre-cut log package to $85,350 for a complete log house designs package.

The Ascutney log home is 1,140 square feet in size, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the main floor of this log house is the open living room and kitchen area with two bedrooms, a bathroom, an open deck and a covered porch. Upstairs is the master bedroom with a large closet and master bathroom. When it comes to log house designs this log home has all sorts of details from a beautiful stone fireplace, exposed beams and lots of windows. Alterations can be made to the floor plan and design through the company's designers so that customers can get the home they truly want and need.

When it comes to building a log house, there are a few things people should consider in regards to your building process. It's important to first see what style and design of log house will suit the customer's needs and lifestyle. Once the style and type of design is settled on, then the process of finding the right log house design and builder will come next. It also helps to figure out a budget and, of course, where you are going to build your log house. Your log home budget is one of the most important things to figure out when starting a building project. Once a number is decided upon, the process of finding the perfect log home design will be much easier. So it really helps for those building a log home of their own to do a lot of research to look into the design and building process, as well as find out what the costs of building a log house really are.

This is just one of the log homes plans and designs you will find on the Coventry Log Homes site. This custom log home comes from the Tradesman series of log house designs and it's also considered to be environmentally friendly or green. Coventry Log Homes is very environmentally conscious and they work with local loggers who manage the natural resources responsibly. They buy materials locally which helps to cut down on shipping costs and pollutants. Their logs are dried using kilns that use renewable energy. Coventry Log house designs pre-cut and numbers the logs, which means every log is used exactly where it should be and thus cuts down on job site waste. It's nice to know that the log house designs that you are looking at come from an environmentally responsible company and that buying a home from them would be helping to make a positive investment.

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