Take A Look Inside This River Stone Hut Castle Hill

The River Stone Hut Castle Hill is a beautiful home design located in a scenic location in New Zealand. Right away you can't help but love the black wooden exterior of this design with its stone fireplace and open floor plan inside. Lots of windows let in the natural surrounding view and loads of light to leave the house feeling spacious and bright. This New Zealand home was built by High Country Homes Ltd. This home won the 2013 National Gold Reserve Award and the Canterbury 2013 House of the Year. This cedar bach features handpicked stone from Castle Hill Station and French drains with no overhead spouting.

High Country Homes Ltd., are designers, and builders of fine home designs in the South Island of New Zealand. High Country Homes service a wide area of the South Island including Christchurch, Rangiora, Hanmer, Castle Hill, Terrace Downs, and the general Canterbury area. They have builders in Nelson to tackle jobs in the Marlborough Sounds and Murchison area. High Country Homes has years of experience managing building projects through to completion and is a member of the Registered Master Builders Association.

One of their objectives is to complement the environment just like they did with the River Stone Hut Castle Hill home. They aim to help people set up their lifestyle property with appropriate claddings and a nice roofline suited to the land they are on. If required they can help with an enduring landscape design that will provide enjoyment for years to come. They encourage the use of timeless building materials that ultimately protect the home's resale. In addition, much can be done to install products for self-sufficiency such as solar panels, rainwater collection, and log burners, and more.

Cedar is a popular choice of wood that’s long been used within the construction industry. This is due to the aromatic, beautiful, and strong features of the wood, which make it a natural choice when it comes to building homes and other structures that can last for generations to come. There are many reasons that cedar is used for several building projects, the following are just a few.

Cedar is durable. Cedar thrives in damp climates, which enables it to withstand many conditions. Cedar doesn’t swell, shrink, warp, or decay even when there are severe changes in weather, which makes it an ideal choice for exterior siding.

Cedar is a natural insect repellent. The oil in cedarwood can control pests like ants, termites, moths, mosquitoes, and cockroaches.

Cedar is naturally beautiful. White and red cedar has natural color combinations, so typically you just need to use a clear coat to magnify its natural color. Finishing can enhance the durability of your cedar wood even more with regular applications of sealer to help it retain its color and stability.

Cedar is sound resistant. Cedar is a porous wood, which gives it the ability to absorb noise. This quality is one of the many reasons why it’s commonly applied to the exterior and interior of home designs and buildings.

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