Stunning Tiny House Homestead In The Noosa Hinterland

You'll want to take a look inside this Noosa Hinterland tiny house homestead located in Queensland, Australia. It is there you'll find an inspiring family who has constructed an amazing place to call home. The tiny house is situated on 32 acres and with plenty of space for gardens and animals, this family is living the tiny house homestead dream. Beautifully constructed with family life in mind, this tiny house is a real stunner. Modern farm-house inspired, this tiny home is a brilliant combination of functionality and artistic flare. In addition to their tiny home, Tom and Mieke have also constructed additional structures to help expand the home, including a separate cabin/playroom, an outdoor bathhouse, laundry, and more.

The property has a beautiful tiny house, enough land to have animals, and enough space to spread out. The couple started watching the Living Big in a Tiny House video about 6 years ago and were inspired to build a tiny house of their own. Originally they bought another tiny house and lived in a secondhand tiny house to see what it was like to live in a tiny house living, and what worked and didn't work for the couple. This tiny house is 8.5 meters long. The couple like to say they have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom tiny house. The tiny house property has an outdoor bathroom with a bathtub, outdoor laundry space, as well as space inside for laundry because they have a tiny house on Airbnb.

The tiny house also has a 3 by 4 meter modular which gives the couple a little more space for use as a playroom for their son, or for when guests come over to stay with a pull-out couch. The modular is also future-proof for the family just in case they have more children and eventually need more space, becoming a bunkroom or whatever they need it to be. The couple also has another tiny house on the property that is used as an Airbnb. The tiny house rental gives other people the opportunity to experience tiny house living, as they have a lot of people asking them about it.

The best part about this tiny house property is its location, which is Queensland, Australia which is known for its amazing weather. The couple capitalizes on the great weather with an excellent tiny house outdoor living space. Queensland is all about outdoor living, and the tiny house outdoor deck is a game changer for this tiny house design, being 15 meters long by 4.5 meters wide, and it has pull-down shutters that allow them to create a whole new room. Most of their time is spent outside, and they've created a nice flow from the inside area of the tiny house with the opening doors to the outside area, with a breakfast bar. The tiny house has a coastal farmhouse look and feel, neutral, clean, and fresh with lots of white. The tiny house is 8.4 meters long, 2.5 wide, and 4.3 meters high with an 18,000-liter water tank. You'll want to take a look at the full video for all the details.

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