Stay in This Danish Home Made Up of 9 Log-Clad Cylinders In Denmark

You'll want to take a look inside of this stunning architectural design located on the Danish island of Mon which consists exclusively of circular spaces. The house was inspired by children’s fantasy worlds, with the arrangement of the cylinders on a mound of earth emphasizing the autonomy of the individual elements and making the ensemble look smaller. The elevated position of the house offers a wide view of the surrounding meadows and forests. The facade paneled with natural thin pine logs is contrasted by window reveals of rusted Corten steel. Inside you'll find the walls and floors are kept in nuanced shades of white with different building materials that create diverse textures and sensory contrasts.

The white walls are clad in rough sawn strips and planks, and highlight the carefully planned views from the frameless windows. In all the bedrooms the beds are arranged so that you wake up with views of the landscape. The floors are formed of mosaics of bright beach pebbles, while the oiled oak furniture and fittings, and brass lamps and fixtures, bring warmth to the space. You access the circular house through the entrance cylinder, around which the bathroom, two bedrooms, and the kitchen with a dining area are grouped. Through the latter, you then enter the living room, to which another bedroom and a bathroom with a bathtub are connected.

What makes this vacation home so amazing (besides its stunning design) is all the activities you can enjoy during your stay from swimming, walking, cycling, water sports, and fishing. Other things to enjoy include Mon Klingt (the white chalk cliffs), natural monuments such as Bronze Agegrave mounds, medieval churches, manors, Stege (a historic townscape), and the thatched castle Lisel. The beach meadows are an important bird sanctuary. Located to the east of the island is the forest Klinteskoven with Denmark's largest variety of orchids.

This home encompasses the best of Scandinavian design although newly interpreted. Jan Henrik Jansen (born 1970) is a German architect who lives with his Danish partner and two children in Copenhagen. The independent architect designs private, residential, and holiday homes in Denmark and abroad. The home enjoys the scenery on a Baltic Sea island, 350 meters to the beach, and can accommodate up to 6 people

Details of this amazing architectural design include the nine cylindrical volumes interlock to form this holiday home on the Danish island Mon, which is covered in thousands of spruce logs and lined with beach pebbles. Copenhagen-based architect Jan Henrik Jansen designed and built the property which was named Birkedal over five years. While Jansen owns the property, he chose to rent it out through the holiday lettings company Urlaubs Architektur. The house is set on top of a small mound surrounded by birch trees. It is just 300 meters from the coast, offering holidaymakers easy access to the beach. Each of the rooms is contained within a log-covered cylinder and features large bay windows. These are surrounded by deep pre-rusted Corten steel frames, and host furniture like beds and window seats that aim to bring visitors closer to their rural environment.

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