Spectacular 7 Acres Bordering State Land With Adirondack View for $55k

It doesn't get much better than this beautiful 7 acre Adirondack property that borders state land. Imagine yourself with a piece of property, a place to build a future home or vacation home in a location that is beautiful all year long. This stunning piece of property is priced affordably too, with 7 acres for $55,000 it is a nice size that offers privacy and space for all your needs. You will never find a more spectacular setting for an Adirondack cabin building with the view from the log house building site simply taking your breath away.

The property is Alaskan-like, with a vast boreal forest of black spruce and tamarack trees unfold against a backdrop of scenic high mountain ranges, to include Balface, Debar, Loon Lake, and the Goldsmith Mountains. The property is secluded, level, and buildable, with access by a private road that is already in excellent condition. The Adirondack property borders state land, with the Salmon River nearby, offering a wilderness canoe trip and native brook trout fishing. From the property, you'll have Mountain View-Indian Lakes just minutes away, with great boating and fishing.

People ask what time of year is best in the Adirondacks and that all depends on who you ask. Snowboarders, skiers, and snowshoers will probably agree that the winter months are the best with the snowy mountains of the Adirondacks making it a hotbed for winter sports. People who enjoy hiking, lake sports, and swimming might say that the warmer summer months are the best. Then, of course, there is nothing quite as beautiful as the autumn months in the Adirondacks, with the color of the autumn leaves leaving a lasting impact. So no matter the time of year, you’ll find something in the Adirondacks that you will love.

The Adirondacks are also a place where you'll find an array of wildlife and that is because of the variety of landscapes and ecological conditions in the Adirondack Mountains. Some of the wildlife you might come across include white-tailed deer, moose, loons, owls, bald eagles, beavers, coyotes, bats, birds, fishers, foxes, rabbits, black bears, raccoons, turtles, fish, and butterflies to name a few. The Adirondacks are a paradise for anyone who loves being secluded in nature and being outdoors. But this area also has so much more.

The Adirondack Mountains are surrounded by small towns packed with a variety of shops, restaurants, and other local businesses giving you plenty of local culture and civilization to escape to when you need it. Two charming towns that you will find in this area include Lake Placid and Lake George, so whether you need some shopping, want to eat out, or go to a local fair or event, the Adirondacks have a bit of everything. A piece of Adirondack property is a great idea to build your dream Adirondack homestead, fishing or hunting cabin building. Adirondack mountain properties are an affordable option to get the piece of property you've been thinking about to start your new adventure.

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