Sleep in This Small and Cozy Treehouse in Guatemala

This is a vacation idea that is sure to bring out the child in you. The amazing treehouse is high above the trees and not for the faint at heart, as you'll have to climb the tree via the rustic steps up the tree. The private treehouse is located in Quezaltenango, Guatemala and accommodates up to 2 guests, with one bedroom, one bed, and a shared bathroom. The small and cozy treehouse is just ten minutes away from central park. The tiny treehouse is equipped with wifi and a radio. The bathroom and the shower are about 10 feet away. The place is quiet and relaxing surrounded by trees.

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The small Treehouse is on top of a pine tree. You are allowed to use the kitchen, as long as you clean what is used. The treehouse is situated within a big yard where you can lay down and rest, and you can access the main house and the living room. The kitchen and the bathrooms are always available. You will want to take into account that the treehouse is small, it is a unique vacation stay, but it is not for everyone. It's a unique and fun vacation idea that you will be sure to enjoy, but if you have a fear of heights, or prefer a larger space, this isn't the rental for you. The treehouse has a small single bed but can fit two persons. If you are not comfortable in tight places, this is not the space for you. The owner will gladly answer any questions regarding the rental if needed. The neighborhood where the treehouse is located is very quiet and calm, and the treehouse is only an 8-minute walk to the bus stop. The bus is only 5 minutes away from central park. If you walk its about 25 minutes or less.

This treehouse cabin building retreat might inspire you for a treehouse of your own. Treehouse is an affordable option when it comes to building a vacation getaway, or guesthouse of your own. This treehouse is a nice size and makes the perfect retreat in nature for kids and adults alike. The tiny treehouse is built high up in the tree, so you would want to know what you were doing for a safe build, or hire someone with experience for this sort of build. A treehouse is a great retreat especially when it is surrounded by trees. This simple design has a nice shape, and it's so relaxing and peaceful up in the tree.

This tiny treehouse is the perfect vacation idea and makes excellent use of the small amount of space that it has. Staying in a beautiful treehouse like this tiny treehouse in Guatemala would give you the chance to be immersed in nature which will provide a sense of connection and relaxation. This treehouse vacation idea is the perfect vacation idea and makes for a rejuvenating retreat. It nice when you look out the windows and you see the trees, a beautiful experience.

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