Simple But Beautiful Log Home For a Retired Couple

This charming log house provides the perfect place to retire for a couple from Quebec. The beautifully crafted cabin building from Honka has Scandinavian accents and was built on 15 acres of lush woodland in the Laurentians. The couple retired from their busy professional lives and longed to live in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by peace. So after they retired they bought 15 acres of property near Ste-Adèle in the Laurentians. The real-estate agent for the property knew a sales representative for the Finnish company Honka, which specializes in building wood cabins and log houses. The Honka representative invited them to visit his house, which happened to be one of the manufacturer’s models homes. The retired couple were so delighted by what they saw; they decided to use Honka’s expertise to build their new home.

A wood cabin from a log house builders is just one of the options you have in building your dream log home. This is one of the best options for people who want a log house design in a certain amount of time. Another option is building a log house yourself. You might have the budget to build a luxury log house or the budget for a small wood cabin; either way, you can make it work for you. Building a log house that is easy on your budget starts well before you break ground. You can save a lot of money in the wood cabin design phase by following simple tips.

Building a wood cabin that’s easy on your budget starts well before you start building. When you are designing a small wood cabin that is easier on the budget you want to plan to minimize any corners and bump-outs in the cabin building design. Instead, you want to go with a rectangular log house floor plan to save money. More corners in the wood cabin require more workmanship to create the notches, and you will also have more wasted building materials. You want to stick with a four-corner log house to trim the work that is necessary to build the log walls while maximizing the logs that are used so that the cabin building will be quicker and less expensive for you. You also want to choose standard-size windows and doors, but make sure not to scrimp on quality. Costs can rise quickly when you select doors and windows in unique shapes, and colors. The types of windows will also vary in price. Casement windows will often cost more than double-hung windows, but using a high-quality double-hung window is more cost efficient in the long run than using a cheaper, low-quality style of a casement window.

You also want to select your wood cabin site carefully. Where you will decide to build your wood cabin can have a huge impact on your budget. To save money on your wood cabin, build close to a road and established utilities. Otherwise, you will have to pay for long, winding driveways and other costs like septic, electricity and sewage. Choose a level, unwooded plot as they are less expensive to build on since there are no clearing costs to consider. It's a good idea to use a simple, low-pitch roof.

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