See This Incredible Sanctuary Tiny Home & Gardens In Spain

You'll be sure to be inspired by this amazing tiny home located in beautiful Spain complete with gardens that have been set up as a wonderful sanctuary space. Anne the owner, born in Canada lives with her family in Spain where she has built her dream life. Here she has created spectacular gardens and a retreat where people can come to recuperate. The tiny home sits amongst the beautifully landscaped gardens sits where the DIY-built tiny house has been designed to be accessible to all to foster creativity and relaxation.

This tiny home is the perfect place to relax, be creative, and feel like yourself. The tiny home is the start of the owner's dream, and you'll want to watch the short video to see all the details. The tiny home is located in Galicia, Spain, the owner was born in Montreal, Canada, but she is also a Spanish citizen as her mother is from Spain. As a child, the owner would come to this area in the summer months where she had wonderful memories. When her Dutch husband saw the area he also fell in love with the place. After the couple traveled to several countries, they eventually made their way back to the land that was in her mother's family for so long.

Anne is a veterinarian and her husband is an agricultural engineer. The couple was very interested in sustainable practices which ties into the fact that farming was being abandoned in that particular region made them think that they could be custodians of the land, and use their knowledge to keep the space healthy, and also beautiful. Her grandfather planted fruit trees on the land, and then the property became an orchard. Things grow very easily on the land because of the microclimate they have, which proves to be handy considering her husband is an agricultural engineer. Together they have explored different varieties of plants, grown different types of vegetables and fruits, studied blueberry varieties, and also worked with the forests to make a natural garden in this part of Spain.

Anne doesn't live in the tiny house full time, she does dream of living in it eventually full time, she lives in the main house as she has to take care of people, and animals and take care of different activities at the busy property. She has a very large family and the tiny house is her quiet place where she can run away from the millions of things that are happening at any given moment. In the tiny house, she can reflect on ideas, work on some of her art, look out onto the orchard and just feel peace.

As soon as the couple came up with the idea of building a tiny house, Anne thought immediately of accessibility. She wanted the home to be accessible so people with reduced access, whether it be in a wheelchair or somebody assisting that person to be able to use the tiny house. She calls the home, Tiny House Spiral. You will want to watch the entire video for all the details.

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