See This Extraordinary Cabin Sits on 5 Acres

You'll want to take a closer look at this stunning log cabin located at Grey Wolf Retreat located in Big Springs Idaho. The log cabin has 6 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms, and sleeps up to 20 people. In the winter months, the log cabin is snowmobile access only. This extraordinary log cabin sits on 5 acres. Located on the East side of Island Park, you can snowmobile or ATV from the front door in some of the most beautiful mountain ranges. During your vacation stay you can enjoy the camaraderie of hanging out in the open floor plan and spacious great room. This log cabin boasts a bunk area ideal for 10 kids to have their own space.

Enjoy the log cabin lifestyle while you play some music and enjoy the back deck and patio with a large firepit nearby. The vacation property was originally a Bed and Breakfast and the large commercial kitchen is very convenient and fun to make dinner with family and friends. This log cabin is ready to entertain, relax and enjoy the good life. The Grey Wolf Retreat is a place to build traditions and memories for many years to come. Yellowstone West entrance is about a 27-minute drive. Enjoy fishing at Henry’s Lake where you can also enjoy boating, and other water activities, and is only about a 12-minute drive. Island Park Reservoir is also close by, only about a 30-minute drive. The following are just a few reasons log cabin living is so popular.

Enjoy nature. Many people choose log cabins because typically they are located close to nature. Imagine yourself waking up each morning to the sound of birds chirping in the trees, with views of the mountains as the sun rises, and in the evenings enjoying the night skies, lit up by hundreds of stars. Log cabins are often surrounded by nature and are a great way to disconnect from the stresses of your busy everyday life, and to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

Thermal mass. Thermal mass is a property of logs that allows them to store heat in the cold winter months and keep cooler in the warmer months. Thermal mass stores heat from the day's sunlight in the winter and releases it back into the log house at night or stores cold air from a summer night and releases it back into the house during the day. Since wood has a high heat capacity compared to other building materials, it greatly helps to regulate the temperature in a log home. In the heat of the daytime, the wall absorbs heat from the outside but the temperature of the wall rises slowly. As a result, the log wall stores the heat during the day but does not release as much heat into the home. As night falls, the temperature outside drops but the log wall has stored the heat from the daytime hours. The logs release this heat into the log home, providing warmth in the night.

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