See This Artistic Log Cabin, The Bathroom Is Really Impressive!

You'll want to take a closer look inside this stunning log cabin called the Little Princess located on a private plot in the Podolsk district of the Moscow region. This 400 square foot log cabin is a cedar bathhouse built using manual cutting technology in the Russian bowl area. The impressive cabin commands the natural elements displayed in the project in the form of symbols and leads them to harmony. In the shower, there is a pouring bucket and wooden font which symbolizes water, masonry fragments in the soap and kitchen apron zone, a stained glass ceiling in the form of the sun, celestial luminaries, furniture made of roots, and massive trunks from the forest thicket.

The small, compact log bathhouse named the Little Princess was originally considered by its future owner as a joy for body and soul. The architect was given complete creative freedom, which allowed him to embody his artistic ideas and fantasies in a unique image of the log cabin structure, which is based on the interweaving of motifs of Russian fairy tales, pagan symbols, and the power of natural elements. The cabin building has an asymmetrical composition which helped to fit it seamlessly into the landscape. During construction on the forest plot, it was possible to preserve existing trees. Even the dried birch was successfully beaten, turning it into a carved mushroom grown-up on the scaffold.

Several different technologies and building materials were used in the construction of the bathhouse. The main volume is cut down from logs with a diameter of 12.5 to 13.5 inches into the Russian bowl, and the bathroom area is cut down in the paw to save space. The walls are made of cedar, and the salary wreath is made of larch. All wooden elements in the cabin are treated with tinting oils that accentuated the relief of carvings and sculptural plastics. The traditional colors of staining emphasized the natural texture of the wood and combined the color palette of the log cabin structure with the colors of the surrounding nature, giving it the effect of complete unity with the landscape.

The first impression of the bathhouse is formed by the entrance area of the porch and veranda with hewn board decking. Particular attention is paid to the main support pillar, which supports the canopy above the porch and is decorated with traditional carvings. It is an echo of a stove pillar in a Russian hut, once a widespread and now almost completely forgotten architectural design element. The ends of the log cabin building protruding outward have wavy shapes. They turn into silhouettes of fairytale horses, symbols of well-being and health. Decorative elements give originality to both the facades and interiors of the bathhouse.

In the lounge with comfortable upholstered furniture, a carved owl, clothed on the window jamb, in the steam room, a bath attendant, whose figure is carved on the door. There are a lot of forged elements everywhere. The wall in the shower area is lined with stone with a rough raw texture and an arbitrary pattern of seams, the flooring is made of tiles with a texture of river pebbles, and above the showerhead, there is a lamp in the form of a pagan symbol of the sun.

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